2023 Menard’s Playoff Chase

By Dan Cahill, Wizarding GM Note: Please keep in mind this is my first big article I’ve done and I do make mistakes. Please don’t take any predictions personally except for Seattle. They need to learn that Planes really aren’t as good as Trains. With only eight series left in the season and four games… Read More »

2023 Buckhead Farm Report

By Kerry Hofmeister, Buckhead GM ATLANTA, GA – The current crop of Bow Ties players are making the youngsters in the farm system very popular these days. The big club boasts a starting lineup that features four regular starters hitting under .200. Ties fans have their eyes glued to the minor league box stores these… Read More »

2023 SL Preview

By Andrew Schupick, Montana Pandas GM Brooklyn Dodgers Projected Record: 29-79 Last Year’s Record: 24-84 (In the PL) How the mighty have fallen. The once proud Brooklyn Dodgers performed the highest profile sell-off that the league has seen and has very little to show for it entering this year. While long-term they will likely be… Read More »

2023 3L Preview

Hartford Whalers Projected Record: 24-84 Last Year’s Record: 18-90 Hartford has 1 winning season since 2013, they haven’t finished above 7th since 2013, they have no one on their big league roster that people wanted to trade for and they have a brand new GM. With all of those things being said, you would think… Read More »

2022 PL Recap/Records

USBA Offices – Somewhere in Wisconsin In many ways the 2022 version of the Premier League was one of the best that the league has had to offer. The 10th edition of the USPL saw Boston take the crown again with a dominating performance topping the table by by eight games to runner up Richardson… Read More »

2022 USBA Champions Cup Round of 8 Preview

By Buckhead GM Kerry Hofmeister Vancouver (SL) vs. Houston (SL) The only place that you are going to find more silver in the USBA is in the Brooklyn GMs hair. This matchup features two middle league teams battling it out to represent the Silver League in the final four. The top of the table Wolves… Read More »

Toledo Firesale

By GM TJ Reynolds, Toledo Titans TRADE WITH VANCOUVER FOR HECTOR CORTEZ SP Ricardo Gomez Possible PL #3. Floor is probably an average ML MR SP Jose Tovar Could become a mid rotation PL guy. Probably more likely to be a MR SP Brad Cunnick Another mid level PL guy. Will eat lots of innings… Read More »

Express take Wiz on Bums

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – On a scale of USSR 3- USA 4 to Donald Trump becoming President of the United States the results we saw today were uncharted territory. In the opening round of the 2021 USBA Cup we were witness to the lowly Wizarding club give the Brooklyn club of the Premier League a… Read More »