Pos Name Age 2041 2042 2043 2044 2045 2046 2047 2048 2049 2050
1B Baldomero Avino 36 $13.0m
RP Hermenegildo Beliago 37 $8.0m $8.0m(T)
CL Eric Matson 37 $6.5m(O) $5.5m(T) $5.5m(T)
C Gerold Olthof 29 $6.0m $7.3m(A)
RF Sadatake Abe 29 $4.8m $5.5m $6.5m(P) $6.5m(T)
RF Wilbur Davis 36 $4.8m
3B Katsuhiko Ishihara 30 $4.2m $4.8m(A) $5.5m(A) $7.0m(A)
SP Chris Holland 30 $4.2m
3B Meester Gobbles-Rooster 25 $3.6m $10.0m $12.8m $15.5m $15.5m $15.5m $15.5m(T)
RP Damien Morin 27 $3.0m
RP Tom Holloway 27 $2.9m $3.4m(A) $3.4m(A) $3.8m(A#)
SS Carlos Martínez 27 $2.7m $3.0m(A) $3.0m(A) $3.0m(A)
RP Sergio Ramírez 28 $2.1m $2.1m $2.1m $2.1m(P) $2.4m(A) $2.4m(A) $2.4m(A#)
SS Armando Altagracia 29 $1.5m $1.7m(A)
RP Martín García 30 $1.3m $1.5m(A#)
SP Ryunosuke Kurota 31 $1.2m
C Chris Walters 32 $928k $2.6m(A)
1B Lauren Hilfiker 27 $700k $2.6m(A) $3.6m(A)
RP Lawrence Lane 30 $470k $550k(A) $550k(A#)
SP Arnie Harper 28 $420k $517k(A) $517k(A) $605k(A#)
RP Nick Altrock 24 $280k $650k(A*) $750k(A) $1.1m(A) $1.5m(A)
SS Luis Aranda 28 $280k(*) $280k(auto) $420k(A*) $420k(A) $600k(A) $700k(A#)
SP Javier Ariza 24 $280k $3.6m(A) $5.5m(A) $7.5m(A)
CF Jim Brown 26 $280k $4.6m(A) $7.0m(A) $9.0m(A)
2B Tom Camden 25 $280k $650k(A*) $700k(A) $1.1m(A) $1.4m(A)
SP Jay Cannon 26 $280k $3.2m(A*) $3.6m(A) $5.5m(A) $7.0m(A)
CF León Castillo 26 $280k $7.5m(A) $11.0m(A) $15.0m(A)
CL Dewitt Clendaniel 26 $280k(*) $280k(auto) $420k(A*) $420k(A) $430k(A) $550k(A#)
2B Dale Epner 29 $280k(*) $280k(auto) $420k(A*) $420k(A*) $420k(A) $430k(A) $550k(A#)
RP Billy Francis 26 $280k(*) $280k(auto) $420k(A*) $420k(A*) $420k(A) $430k(A) $550k(A#)
RP Mac Hippenhammer - R:100% 25 $280k(R)
2B Jhett Larson 23 $280k $280k(auto) $420k(A) $470k(A) $650k(A)
SP Hsiao-lou Lei 23 $280k(*) $280k(auto) $420k(A*) $420k(A*) $420k(A) $430k(A) $550k(A#)
3B Jim MacRach 30 $280k(*) $280k(auto) $420k(A*) $420k(A*) $420k(A) $490k(A) $650k(A#)
RP Markus Martin 28 $280k(*) MiLC $420k(A*) $420k(A) $430k(A) $550k(A#)
RP Stephen Palmer 26 $280k $550k(A*) $650k(A) $950k(A) $1.3m(A)
CF Esteban Piñeiro 28 $280k(*) $420k(A*) $440k(A) $600k(A) $750k(A#)
LF Danny Rodríguez 24 $280k $900k(A) $1.4m(A) $1.8m(A)
3B Lawrence Stokes 30 $280k(*) $280k(auto) $420k(A*) $420k(A*) $420k(A) $430k(A) $550k(A#)
CF Roberto Vázquez 27 $280k(*) $280k(auto) $550k(A*) $650k(A*) $950k(A) $1.3m(A) $1.6m(A#)
RP Juan Vias 27 $280k $850k(A) $1.3m(A) $1.7m(A)
SP Tim Walker 26 $280k $2.0m(A) $3.0m(A) $4.0m(A)
TOTAL $78.5m $86.6m $83.1m $91.2m $35.0m $23.2m $22.4m $0 $0 $0
Legend: auto = auto-renew contract, V = Vesting Option, T = Team Option, P = Player Option, A = Arbitration Eligible, A* = possibly Arbitration eligible, else auto-renew, A# = possible FA eligible, else arbitration, MiLC=Minor League Contract, O=Player holds opt-out after the season, R=Retained Salary Player, ^=Team portion, *=players in minors on league minimum deals are only paid 16.5% of their salary while in the minors
Thursday, October 22nd, 2020 - OOTP Baseball 20.8 Build 74