Shredders, Divided Make Deal
Tuesday, August 5th, 2036
It's all done except the paperwork. The Hollywood Shredders and the D.C. Divided have agreed to a trade that will send $5 in cash to D.C., while 29-year-old SS José Torres will be shipped to Hollywood. A top front office executive with the Shredders described the trade talks as "quick and easy." "We're glad to get this deal done. We think it's something that helps our ball club and it didn't take too long at all to sort this one out," he said.

D.C. will retain a portion of Torres's remaining contract.
St. Louis-Montana Announce Swap
Tuesday, August 5th, 2036
The St. Louis Coeur and Montana Pandas have put the finishing touches on a deal that was weeks in the making. St. Louis will part with $2,000,000 in cash, while the Pandas have dealt 23-year-old minor league 3B Pat Geldart, 20-year-old minor league RF Tillmam Cru and 19-year-old minor league 3B Shing Li.

"This one took a while to figure out," said St. Louis general manager Scott McMahon. "We must have gone back to the drawing board five or six times over the past few weeks. I'm glad we finally got the deal done. I think it is a good one for both clubs."
3L News: Trade Deadline
Tuesday, August 5th, 2036
Few things are more hectic and tense in baseball. The 3L trading deadline is one of the more intrigue-laden events in the game. Fans love the speculation. GMs shun the drama. Players get queasy over the uncertainty. In any case, deals that will mold organizations for the foreseeable future will be made in the waning hours before today's deadline. Past this date, players can only be traded if they have cleared waivers. Normal trades are allowed again once the playoffs are over and the offseason begins.
Takashi Noda - HOL
2 Jonas van Claveren PHX .377
3 Tom Dickinson PC .338
4 Je-myung Yu BUF .330
5 Tadayoshi Watanabe PHX .327
2 tied with
1 Ed Mellor KT 25
1 Jin-yong Myung BUF 25
3 Je-myung Yu BUF 20
4 Angeddy Almanzar EP 19
Je-myung Yu - BUF
2 Jin-yong Myung BUF 62
3 Martín Talia PHX 61
4 Ed Mellor KT 59
5 2 tied with   55
2 tied with
1 Michael Machen SM 11
1 Tom McKee SM 11
3 Kent Good BUF 9
3 4 more tied with   9
Gerald Orlebar - BUF
2 Luqman Barcoo SEA 2.63
3 Ton Jobse ACKC 2.80
4 Will Hunting EP 3.09
5 Stanley Yelnats ACKC 3.12
Michael Machen - SM
2 Ton Jobse ACKC 93
2 Armando Romano FTW 93
4 Tom McKee SM 87
5 Jason Starkey HOL 86
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San Mateo Dirty Reds 43 29 .597 -
Hollywood Shredders 41 31 .569 2.0
Ft. Worth Cattlemen 41 31 .569 2.0
Seattle Aviators 40 32 .556 3.0
Athletic Club KC 40 32 .556 3.0
Buffalo White Walkers 38 34 .528 5.0
Phoenix Hotspur 37 35 .514 6.0
Echo Park Lakers 34 38 .472 9.0
Panama City Piranhas 33 39 .458 10.0
Brooklyn Dodgers 31 41 .431 12.0
Kingston Township Knights 28 44 .389 15.0
Montana Pandas 26 46 .361 17.0
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Away Team Home Team Time Starting Pitcher Away Team Starting Pitcher Home Team
Kingston Township (28-44, Road: 10-23) Portland (0-0, Home: 25-14) 7:05 PM CST LHP P.Rhue (1-3, 5.62 ERA) RHP J.Otero (0-0, 0.00 ERA)
Brooklyn (31-41, Road: 18-18) Seattle (40-32, Home: 24-15) 7:05 PM CST LHP M.Widner (4-2, 3.15 ERA) LHP L.Barcoo (7-1, 2.63 ERA)
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