2022 USBA Champions Cup Round of 8 Preview

By | 2016-03-16

By Buckhead GM Kerry Hofmeister

Vancouver (SL) vs. Houston (SL)

The only place that you are going to find more silver in the USBA is in the Brooklyn GMs hair. This matchup features two middle league teams battling it out to represent the Silver League in the final four. The top of the table Wolves are a good matchup for the newly promoted Houston club that has put together a solid pitching staff. Houston can polish off a nice season with a trip to the semis while Vancouver risks looking past them with the goal of locking of a Tournament of Champions spot and automatic promotion within arms reach.

Prediction: Houston 2-1

Chicago Gold Sox (PL) vs. Northern Virginia (SL)

In this mixed league matchup whatever is left of the Gold Sox pitching staff faces off against the top SL offense. The Chicago club shocked the USBA and made a run through the tournament etching their names on the trophy for the first time last season. Even though the Sox have a thin roster and meat on the bone in the PL they will be locked in for this matchup against NoVa. This matchup could be foreshadowing to future Premier League matchup if the Retrievers do hold up their end of the promotional bargain.

Prediction: Nova 2-0

Buckhead (PL) vs. Boston (PL)

Despite this series being an all Premier League affair it still appears to be more lopsided than Lance Armstrong’s Speedo. The Patriots, who have looked near human at times this year, still sport by far the deepest, and most talented, roster in all of the USBA. If the Boston franchise has one weakness it is a lack of cup trophies its large cabinet. Since winning the inaugural contest Boston has not secured the trophy since. The North Atlanta club is dangerous because they are putting all of their eggs in the cup basket this season. The Ties were dealt a devastating blow with the loss of rotation staple Chester “Cheeto” Henry today essentially eliminating their miracle run at the final Tournament of Champions spot.

Prediction: Boston 2-1

Fort Worth (PL) vs Atlanta (PL)

FTW and ATL occupy vastly different spots in the Premier League table, but stat dorks will tell you they are essentially the same team. The Texas squad has been been bitten by luck snake many times in this short season despite great underlying numbers. They sit at just around the .500 mark while running out the best starting staff in the PL. After what has been going on near the airport in Atlanta they are looking at changing their name to the Mirrors. They have been flawless defensively this season committing less sins with the glove than OJ Simpson.

Prediction: FTW 2-0