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2046 KNORTS: Saving the Best for Last

Everybody wants to get famousBut you just want to dance in a basementYou don’t care if anyone is watchingJust as long as you stay in motion Keep dancing in the basement, my 3L lovelies. Vancouver Wolf Pups (74-34, 1st place in the 3L, is totally going to come back…) What they should do: They gotta… Read More »

2046 KNORTS: Get Me Naked 2: Electric Boogaloo

Trapped in purgatoryA lifeless object, aliveAwaiting reprisalDeath will be their acquittanceThe sky is turning redReturn to power draws nearFall into me, the sky’s crimson tearsAbolish the rules made of stone Welcome to the Silver League! Nova Scotia Kracken (68-40, 1st place in the SL, thinks his team could have done better) What they should do:… Read More »

2046 KNORTS: The Remix Part 1

Having conquered the traditional KNORTS format by predicting basically everything correct in the 2045 season, the geniuses at Davey Industries have decided it’s time for a change. With a slight tweak to our formula, we’re now able to predict the offseason! In the interest of getting more Click Engagement™ (and so I get paid for… Read More »

2045 Tuna Stars

The rules for the Tuna Star game are the same every year, each batting position will have a starter and a backup. Five starting pitchers and five relief pitchers. Each team needs to have at least one player in the Tuna Star game. First year in the SL and I went all homer. Last year… Read More »

2045 KNORTS: October Blood

I had saved this spot for Scoot to write about his championship belt idea thing, but he never responded. Huh. So ummm, on with the show? Check out the full rankings here. 1. Greenville 278 wins, three league titles, and a ToC title in the last four years, and they still have the best farm… Read More »

2045 KNORTS Addendum

Team Average Highest Spot Loves Them Hates Them Greenville 1.00 1 Everyone No One Boston 2.00 2 Everyone No One Athletic Club KC 3.33 3 Davey & Cheese Tuner Long Island 5.33 4 Cheese Tuner St. Louis 6.00 3 Tuner Davey Northern Virginia 6.33 5 Cheese Tuner Seattle 6.33 6 Tuner & Cheese Davey Pittsburgh… Read More »

2044 Tuna Stars

I am here again. I thought there was a chance I was getting out of here but we just can’t do it. Since I am here I am going to have fun, so now it’s time for the 3rd annual Tuna’s 3L All-Stars (ed. note: we’re rebranding these as Tuna Stars). The rules for the… Read More »

2044 KNORTS: They Never Stay Retired

Apologies for the delay this year folks, like Mahatma Gandhi said, “Life comes at you fast”. Big thanks to blog superstar and future USBA genius Tuner for joining me this week, as well as our favorite twit, the now un-retired Cheese! View our detailed, blurb-free, no spin zone rankings here. 1. GreenvilleI used to have… Read More »

2044 KNORTS Addendum

Team Average Highest Spot Loves Them Hates Them Greenville 1.33 1 Tuner & Cheese Davey Boston 1.67 1 Davey Tuner & Cheese St. Louis 3.00 3 Everyone Everyone? Portland 7.33 6 Tuner Davey & Cheese Pittsburgh 8.33 5 Cheese Davey Seattle 10.00 4 Cheese Tuner Hollywood 10.67 10 Cheese Davey & Tuner Long Island 11.33… Read More »

Wins for Promoted and Relegated Teams

Prompted by a question from Kerry, GM of the freshly relegated Buckhead Bowties, a little research was done into the number of wins of promoted and relegated teams in USBA history, including the just-completed 2043 season. Starting with wins by promoted teams, the winningest teams to be promoted from the SL to the PL are… Read More »