2044 Tuna Stars

I am here again. I thought there was a chance I was getting out of here but we just can’t do it. Since I am here I am going to have fun, so now it’s time for the 3rd annual Tuna’s 3L All-Stars (ed. note: we’re rebranding these as Tuna Stars). The rules for the… Read More »

2044 KNORTS: They Never Stay Retired

Apologies for the delay this year folks, like Mahatma Gandhi said, “Life comes at you fast”. Big thanks to blog superstar and future USBA genius Tuner for joining me this week, as well as our favorite twit, the now un-retired Cheese! View our detailed, blurb-free, no spin zone rankings here. 1. GreenvilleI used to have… Read More »

2044 KNORTS Addendum

Team Average Highest Spot Loves Them Hates Them Greenville 1.33 1 Tuner & Cheese Davey Boston 1.67 1 Davey Tuner & Cheese St. Louis 3.00 3 Everyone Everyone? Portland 7.33 6 Tuner Davey & Cheese Pittsburgh 8.33 5 Cheese Davey Seattle 10.00 4 Cheese Tuner Hollywood 10.67 10 Cheese Davey & Tuner Long Island 11.33… Read More »

Wins for Promoted and Relegated Teams

Prompted by a question from Kerry, GM of the freshly relegated Buckhead Bowties, a little research was done into the number of wins of promoted and relegated teams in USBA history, including the just-completed 2043 season. Starting with wins by promoted teams, the winningest teams to be promoted from the SL to the PL are… Read More »

2043 3L All-Stars – The Second Annual Official Tuna Edition

Well it is time and back by popular demand…. the Second Annual Tuna’s 3L All-Stars (I was thinking this might be my last 3L All-Stars but the way the season is going, looks like we will have a third). The rules for the All-Star game are the same as last year, each batting position will… Read More »

2043 KNORTS: The Greatest Story Ever Told

I hope I can get this out before Hall of Fame voting is closed. If not, ummm, well at least we can all be glad I’m not filling this space with some insanely trivial life lesson. With that, here’s my 2043 HoF Ballot. Gary Bailey – He threw three no-hitters and is the best player… Read More »

2043 KNORTS Addendum

Team Average Highest Spot Loves Them Hates Them Greenville 1.25 1 Everyone Davey Boston 2.25 2 Everyone Davey Hollywood 2.50 1 Davey Everyone St. Louis 4.50 4 Davey & tbud Tuner & Buck Baltimore 4.75 4 Tuner & Buck tbud Charleston 11.50 6 Davey tbud Long Island 11.75 7 Davey & tbud Tuner Ft. Worth… Read More »

TWIT Series Finale

This week in trades, we start by looking back. Words rarely can adequately describe the efforts that trying to put together a weekly piece can require. What started as a fun project with a ‘weekly is easy, why don’t we have more pods from TeeJ and Kerry?’ attitude eventually turned into a chore. As we… Read More »

2042 3L All-Star Team – The Official Seattle Edition

Nothing too crazy but I was thinking last night about how we don’t have an All-Star game. I thought since I am a top GM™ (not only in humor/content, but my record speaks for itself) I should pick who I think would represent the 3L. All kidding aside, would love to have the discussion in… Read More »