TWIT vs Montana I: I Can See This Happening A Lot

Hello friends and welcome back to This Week In Trades! This week is all about Montana and the discussion of if they’re making Poor Life Choices. Joining me again this week is Chrostophor, Kong in the North as we delve into the wild and wacky world of trades. Come gather ’round the fireside as we… Read More »

TWIT Takes on the 2039 Offseason

Hello and welcome to the first installment of This Week In Trades! Joining me in the studio tonight is Master of Hate and Haver of Strong Opinions Chros from the frozen north. I, Cheese, will be your host this evening as we embark on a journey through the murky depths of the 2039 offseason of… Read More »

2039 USBA KNORTS: This Year We Got It Right

Can you believe those clowns at RNG Industries (dba OSA) couldn’t even put out a full set of preseason predictions? Well that’s not a problem at Davey Industries! Nope, at this point this is a full-on rehash of the Monday Night Wars, circa 1999. Thanks to Cheese, Chros, Pander, and tbud for making this KNORTS… Read More »

Inside The Game: The 2039 Trade Orgy

The two major trades that Thunder Bay pulled off not only changed the landscape of the league, but they created new mountains in the ever changing sands that are the USBA. Having two of the best players in the league doesn’t mean you will be a dominant team, which Thunder Bay found out the hard… Read More »

2039 USBA Hall of Fame Public Ballot (The Davey Edition)

Are you guys producing a lot more ear wax during the quarantine? In your ears, I mean? – Davey’s drafted tweet Don Brown When she’s putting together the grocery list Baby Mama always asks if I want chips, to which I always reply “no”. Then throughout the week I’ll ask her if we have any… Read More »

2039 USBA Hall of Fame Public Ballot (The Kerry Edition)

ATLANTA, GA- FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE FROM THE STANDING DESK OF GENERAL MANAGER KERRY HOFMEISTER  2039 USBA Hall of Fame Public Ballot  “Fame is like a shaved pig with a greased tail, and it is only after it has slipped through the hands of some thousands, that some fellow, by mere chance, holds on to it”… Read More »