69 (losses) to 69 (wins)

 An Oral History of Buckheads Championship Season  “Be kind to everyone you met on the way up; you’ll meet the same people on the way down”- Jimmy Durante 

The Honorary Scooter

The news Just came in From the Holly of Wood That a very loud GM Has made a trade of a dude The trade wasn’t very big But it is setting the mood. This may not seem Very important, I know. But it is. So I’m bothering Tell you so. A trade is quite catching,… Read More »

The USBA Re-Draft

The league office has officially announced my punishment for collusion, cheating, and generally bad behavior. In short the league has been duplicated, and I’m forced to be in a new league, alone, with Cheese. Sigh. First things first (or first thing after my whining), is a re-draft. Our two teams draft in a snake order… Read More »

The Night Before Tradesmas

Twas the night before Tradesmas and all through the league,Not a GM was trading, not even our TeeJ;The blocks were all posted neatly and with great care,In hopes that some #trade-posts would be entered up there;