2043 3L All-Stars – The Second Annual Official Tuna Edition

By | 2021-05-07

Well it is time and back by popular demand…. the Second Annual Tuna’s 3L All-Stars (I was thinking this might be my last 3L All-Stars but the way the season is going, looks like we will have a third).

The rules for the All-Star game are the same as last year, each batting position will have a starter and a backup, and there are five starting pitchers and five relief pitchers. Each team needs to have at least one player in the All-Star game (looking at you Thunder Bay).

It’s not a shock that the All-Star game is mirroring the standings with Toledo having a record setting eight players making the trip (three of them who are starting in the game). Toledo also holds the all-time record for selections now with 12. Panama City and Las Vegas are both sending three players each. With this being the second year, we have four players making their second trip: Dirk Horwedel (LV), Danny Trautmann (MON), Craig Fitzgerald (TOL), and Bungay Osiman (EP). Danny’s first trip was with Pittsburgh but he loved the All-Star game so much he asked to be traded to Montana so he could stay and make his second.

Nova Scotia, Thunder Bay, Oakland, Echo Park, and Vancouver all only have one player going, with Nova Scotia and Oakland both having their players in the starting lineup. Hope you enjoy, and this list is perfect so please don’t discuss anything in chat.

CAlexis HinesNova ScotiaDusty CrumThunder Bay
1BBaldomero AvinoToledoDejmi DumervilDetroit
2BGrover BarbaranToledoDuff EcksteinNashville
3BMike RiosACKCDavid AlcabuToledo
SSJorge PenicheOaklandKarel Van CapelleACKC
LFJuan SantangelNashvilleOasiz WiesblattPanama City
CFDirk Horwedel*Las VegasBrook LinenToledo
RFLester ThrelfallToledoGene RicksMontana
DHBraxton CottongameLas VegasDanny Trautmann*Montana
SPWill HuntingPanama City
SPCraig Fitzgerald*Toledo
SPAlan HalsallLas Vegas
SPAn Jang- YopToledo
SPDylan GrandjeanPanama City
BPMike TateToledo
BPBungay Osiman*Echo Park
BPJonathan LentzPanama City
BPWoodward HaberdashVancouver
BPKing KellyDetroit