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2034 Mid-Season Review

You’re all doing a terrible job. Here’s specifically what you’re doing wrong. PL Boston (33-21) – 9th in home runs and 9th in walks. These weaklings don’t even have a player with double digit home runs. And we haven’t even got to the part about the four shoulder injuries. Buckhead (31-23) – The Ties are… Read More »

2034 Season Preview

If there’s one life lesson I can pass onto you, it’s that you should never try. If there are two life lessons I can pass onto you, it’s that you should never try and it’s always easier to deconstruct something that already exists rather than inventing something new. With that, I give you my 2034… Read More »

2034 NoVa Hall of Fame Ballet

Kerry is very inspiring. He has inspired me. 3B Ray Sears Ray Sears is the best defender in the history of our league. He’s also the best offensive 3B in the history of our league, unless you consider Pedro Willis a 3B. Pedro retired in 2024 after playing 6 games for Ft. Worth – I… Read More »