2043 KNORTS: The Greatest Story Ever Told

By | 2021-04-11

I hope I can get this out before Hall of Fame voting is closed. If not, ummm, well at least we can all be glad I’m not filling this space with some insanely trivial life lesson. With that, here’s my 2043 HoF Ballot.

Gary Bailey – He threw three no-hitters and is the best player in the history of the Houston/Pittsburgh franchise. I know I’ve mentioned this before but I don’t care it’s my favorite #HoustonFact: Bailey’s third no-hitter was exactly 13 years after his first.

David Hudson – The best player on my team for a few seasons, and he led the league in saves four times. Affectionately nicknamed the Doritos Man and Fat Toad.

Aurelio Lopez – The Wolf is my franchise leader in Wins (101), Pitching WAR, Innings Pitched, Strikeouts, and probably some other stuff too. I’d like to think you’d vote your franchise leader in Wins to the Hall of Fame.

Javier Mora – Three-time pitcher of the year. Anyone who is the best pitcher in their league three times deserves to be in our Hall of Fame.

Jesus Gonzalez – I’m only voting him to get him in and off the ballot. Borderline guy in my opinion, but he is the best pitcher in his franchise’s history and did a lot of his work in the PL.

Bart Lewis – Ninth-round pick, Fort Worth franchise legend, gave the finger to Cheese. What’s not to love?

David Smith – Long ago inducted into the narrative HoF, few guys have been talked about more than Smith. Was also a pretty good player.

Bob Dickerson – To put a round number to things, I think if someone hits 300 home runs they should be a shoe-in.

Antonio Martinez – Just outside the top 10 in WAR all-time, Ant-Mart was the key part of the best Wizarding teams. Played well for a long time and had an elite peak, he should be on 100% of ballots.

Alfredo Pizarro – His 2029 season is probably my favorite of all time. Pitched 0.2 innings in his career, walking four.

I left Jesus Franco off the ballot this year in favor of Gonzalez for the reasons I stated above, though I think Franco is more of a Hall of Famer. On with the show, though, thanks to Tuner, tbud, and Buck for joining me in this edition of KNORTS.

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1. Greenville

Cindy Lauper’s Time After Time is the best chorus in the history of music. I can’t imagine hearing it and not signing “I will be waiting” at the top of my lungs. This might make it the best pop song in history, I don’t know, I’ll have to think about that. – Davey

The best team last year only really gets better. Greenville did not really lose anything big and brings in Freddy Diaz to help at the catching position. They won the PL even with Visscher having a bad year (2.5 war vs. his norm of 4+). What are the rest of us doing? Why can’t we be this good? I love this team, I want to go on a candlelit dinner with Greenville and I would invite them upstairs for Coffee 😉 – Tuner

Last year was finally the 84’s year but now it will be their decade. They have it all top ML talent, ML ready top prospects, and money to fix anything else that breaks. – tbud

Bosma hasn’t really done anything this offseason. But we all know he didn’t really have to. – Buck
2. Boston

Something I read this past year that stays with me was something to the effect of, “Once this pandemic is done, we’re not gonna have anything to talk about – we have no stories to tell.” I feel like I’ll think about this even more when things are more normal, but more on this later. – Davey

The infamous Boston is a good team. Are they Greenville? Probably not but they could be close. I don’t really think of Stanley as a PL pitcher but if he is your #5, I think you are gravy. For the most part a young team with not a lot of weaknesses. – Tuner

Despite having a “down” year last year Boston is a poor man’s Greenville. Like Greenville they have top ML talent, ML ready prospects and money too. – tbud

A full season some Herrera and a top prospect or 2 will keep in the race for a ToC bye. – Buck
3. Hollywood

It’s now or never. Do or die. Shit or get off the pot. I lean toward now/do/shit because Hollywood gets Kroening back and will enjoy a full season of Yossarian. My only question is the bullpen. – Davey

A team that did not add a lot because they did not need to add a lot. A pitching staff that is getting long in the tooth so they need to do something. Only one pitcher under 30 and he is 29. Lineup should be good. Would I have paid $138 million for Castillo? No but I am a poor team. I told Cheese last year that Castillo was a bad trade for him and then he turns around and gets 4.3 war. I ate crow for that one – Tuner

Still a good team but they are who they are. Not much help coming from anywhere. Need Yoss to be as great as Cheese thinks he is to compete for a title. – tbud

I think this is the only other team in the PL that could earn a ToC bye. – Buck
4. St. Louis

Went 50-35 over the past four months of last season, and If He Can Stay Healthy™ replacing a retired Matson with Calhamer will go down as a stroke of genius. Common refrain in St. Louis is that the top talent, especially on the offensive side, is as good as anyone. The complimentary pieces are the question. – Davey

Nellyville sneaks into my top 5. Adding MC Hammer will really help what I thought was a lackluster staff. Lineup from top to bottom is pretty solid with a lot of boppers (that’s what the kids are calling them these days right?) Hammer Don’t Hurt ’em – Tuner

They went out and got a top of the arm rotation to go with an middle of the pack offense who should see some improvement. – tbud

Made a hell of a run last year to force a game 109. Adding Calhamar is nice but they had some key losses. – Buck
5. Baltimore

USBA league officials added mics to the field level last season to give fans an “inside baseball” view of the game, but the program was quickly cancelled after Buck unleashed the following rant. – Davey

Buck is going to score runs and I think Buck is going to give up runs. Out of the top teams, I really don’t like his staff. I don’t think Buck cares about this. I think Buck wants to Baltimore things and just keep knocking the ball out of the park. I love Mastastisyhdhnasoijosd. What an amazing signing he was with back to back years of over 4.7 war….yummy. Have I said I don’t like his pitching? Well I don’t – Tuner

Expecting another splash signing that should push them above STL but we aren’t working under assumptions here. – tbud

New city. Same steady team. As long as the rotation is solid, they should be in the mix. – Buck
6. Pittsburgh

My aversion to royal family news goes beyond “I don’t care about this” into “who tf cares about this” territory. I also think corgis are super cute but those people don’t get credit for them. – Davey

The Burgh of the Pitts did what KNORTS said they would do and won the 3L last year. I think this year they will fight with Mississippi and San Mateo to promote to the PL. Now he did lose Trautmann but I feel this was a smart move. Trautmann was a DH who was playing 1B so Burgh of the Pitts said buh bye. Tyler then went out and added Blanke who should hopefully provide somewhat close to that offense with a lot better defense. Smart Tyler’s are gonna smart. – Tuner

Staff is a bunch of PL has beens and the walking injury Aldo Raine. Then to make it better they went out and signed 2 more PL has beens to fill the line up hole Trautman left. This team is starting to remind me for a former Houston team. – tbud

My pick to win the SL. I think he’d be a middle of the pack PL team right now. – Buck
7. Buckhead

Luke O’Neill does a fun twitter bit called “Is It Better Than the Blue Album”, with the basic premise being that Weezer’s Blue Album is the standard bearer for great albums. I think mine is Offspring’s Smash. Greatest Story Ever Told/Oh Calcutta and even On the Impossible Past don’t count because not enough people have heard those, music nerds. – Davey

Buckhead is another team that can take advantage of a bad SL. Last year has to sting some because he should have advanced but just went flat in the playoffs. The pitching staff is solid but besides Encarnacion the lineup will have to step up a lot – Tuner

Looks to have one of the best staffs and line up in the mighty SL, the Bowties will just be going through the motions to get back to the PL – tbud

The rotation is young, but good. And Encarnacion is a force. They will make a strong run for the SL title. – Buck
8. Toledo

Rather than banging on the tired Toledo injury drum, I’ll just link to the rulebook in hopes no one else costs themselves $20M by ignoring the rules. – Davey

What I would call “My first shocker of the rankings. I have Teej as my lock and he has never let anyone down so let’s have it ride. His staff is very average plus and if Yop bounces back strong, look out. For the most part this is a lineup coming into their prime. Hell they won the big boy cup last year so it probably is not a real shocker that they are at 6 – Tuner

In my 2 minute review of the bees they were a top run scoring and run preventing team last year who did not lose much. With that said not much help is on the way either. – tbud

With a strong mix of young and older player, this looks like the year they take the 3L. – Buck
9. Charleston

Have I told yous guys the term southpaw comes from the early days of baseball when most ballparks were oriented in a fashion that would have the pitcher facing west when looking at the hitter – thus putting the left arm on the south side. Feels like I’m recycling that one, but I do love it so. In 245 career PAs, Benno Luby has a .539 OPS against left-hand pitching. – Davey

I guess Charleston….. I don’t really feel strongly about any team after 6. I mean the top 6 is good and after that we have a bunch of teams that can maybe do something. Old average pitchers (I must be in a mean mood today) just does not excite me. He does have some solid bats in the lineup and they should be enough to win some games. I was not a fan of the Tuna signing last year. It was not because I did not think he was a good player I just did not think he was a $25 million player. More like a solid $12 million. 1 year into the deal and I am feeling good. – Tuner

Should be a lock to relegate but they are going to have to suck harder than this – tbud

I haven’t been high on Charleston for a while now. But given everyone in the PL selling and they can still hit, they’ll probably look better than they really are. – Buck
10. Nova Scotia

We’ve taken to referring to Robbie’s shits, especially larger ones, in the same way you’d refer to home runs. “Oh he launched an absolute blast this morning”, “Little guy hit a grand salami today”, “Be sure you take poop bags, Robbie hasn’t gone oppo taco in a few walks”. – Davey

Ok I will go Homer at this spot. I really like my team and feel like I have a chance to compete. Anything below the top 3 would be a disappointment for me. It looks like Erock liked good pitchers as much as he loved Trump because I have a ton of great pitchers. My lineup is not going to hit a lot of homeruns but we will will get a lot of hits and steal a lot of bases. Death by 1,000 cuts – Tuner

The real NOVA team will be everything the fake NOVA team wants to be. Keep the ball in the park, steal a million bases and play great defense but will then lose to the 3-run home run. – tbud

I think Nova Scotia looks solid again. They got rid of some money that could be in decline. May not make a run this year but next year could be huge for the newly moved team. – Buck
11. San Mateo

Vegas has a catching prospect nicknamed “Papas”, and he’s now my favorite player. – Davey

Mr. Slaybaugh party of 1, your table is ready. Dang what a signing. Slaybaugh was dying the first part of the year in Nawlins and a smart and handsome GM took a chance on him and all he did was put up 3 WAR for the rest of the season and push Seattle to promotion. Slaybaugh then bet on himself and opted out hoping he could get some sweet cheddar. Well He got $25 million. Do I think he is a $25 million dollar man? No but who cares what I think. I still think he will help a good Sams Potato team. – Tuner

SL’s best staff in 2042 went out and got a big bat to help the offense which is a big deal since no one in the SL did anything. – tbud

I feel like I always overlook these guys. Probably better than 14, seeing a good rotation but lineup that appears to not be locked up makes me feel better about not having the team higher. – Buck
12. Long Island

Long Island has spent the last nine seasons working its way back to the PL, rebuilding all while impressively never losing more than 61 games in a season (with only three total losing seasons over that stretch). Last season the team won 70 games and won the SL going away. To celebrate, Michael made Byron McCormick the most expensive 1-1 in league history and traded his top two SPs, starting 3B, starting OF, and continues to shop seemingly everything not named JVC. Sometimes when you don’t understand what is happening, though, the onus is on you – not on the thing that is happening – to understand. – Davey

Michael what the hell are you doing? Even Katy Perry thinks you are all over the place this offseason. You went pants on head crazy to get the #1 pick. Traded a lot of good players and then turn around and say you need players. What is the plan here…. What’s your endgame? You made the PL and then you started to blow it up like a team demoted to the 3L. I say if you are going to go crazy than go full crazy. Half ass will leave both you and us confused. – Tuner

No idea what is going on over here but they still have a lot of talent over there. – tbud

I should probably have them higher at this point. All I could think about is how much they’ve traded away. They still have some talent despite the selloff. This may be a good ranking considering I don’t think he’s done dealing. – Buck
13. ACKC

Plus seven in xWins last season, so there will probably be some regression, but this team looks like a legit contender. – Davey

I know what you are saying… “Tuna, two 3L teams in the top ten…. You must be smoking” To them I say you bet your butt I am putting two 3L teams in the top ten. I don’t think this is because the 3L is that great I just think the other teams in the PL and SL are not that good. ACKC had a great year last year and the catching talents of Cornu is a big add. That dude has 9 power and 7 catching ability. – Tuner

Looked like the best team for 2/3rd of the season last year until they ran out of steam. This year they are back to finish the job. – tbud

A solid team in the 3L. Made a strong run last year. May need to make some moves to do so again. – Buck
14. Mississippi

Nolan Howard has had two velocity drops in the last two re-scouts, and is due as much as $94M over the next four seasons. – Davey

The Mighty Mighty Beautones are probably happy with this. I have been down on him the last couple of years and things are starting to look up. Adding Howard to go with Ashley is a good add. Mason and Lujino need to take the next steps. I also put Beau here knowing there are still a couple of big players out there. I know Beau and he will add something more at some point – Tuner

You don’t want to see this team in a 5 game series. Good news for everyone is the 108 games before will keep them out of any important series. – tbud

Another solid rotation. Beau has been unpredictable on what direction he’s going though, so this may be a big miss. – Buck
15. Fort Worth

In 2041, Fort Worth finished 50-58 in the SL with a -95 run differential. By base runs, they were the worst team in the league. Two years later the team is in the PL with a top half farm system and a beaucoup of money. – Davey

Scooter is thinking on another level. His team probably should not have made it to the PL but ended up sneaking in. What does he do when he gets that extra cash, well he spends on players who will not play. No one loves Randolph like I love Randolph but paying him 6.5 million is a huge risk. If he gets 4 starts from him, he should feel lucky. Even Space Unicorn thinks that Randolph is Italian. Then Scoot goes on and signs Mais. Mais is like Randolph Lite but will punch you in the face as he is heading the DL. – Tuner

Clear drop off in the PL teams at this point but they still have money and expect a splash so they get to go above Pittsburgh for that. – tbud

Already dealing with injuries, this could go south quick. – Buck
16. DC

Second-best team in the DC area. – Davey

I am fan of this DC team and they could sneak up towards the top of what I would say is a bad SL. I would have Hileman’s babies. He alone can push the team to the top. Also look for Zijm to take the next steps – Tuner

Not a strong rotation, followed by an even worst bullpen but the offense will do some times to win some games. – tbud

Home runs and one of the best SP’s in the USBA will keep DC relevant. The other stuff will keep them from more. – Buck
17. Panama City

One of the more menial parts of my job is resetting passwords for real estate agents who don’t know how to do it themselves. This involves getting to see their passwords, and I’ve been surprised at the number of which are motivational phrases. It’s led me to believe that as cringy as those phrases are, I think success is as simple as buying into that sort of thing. This might just be a sales/real estate thing I don’t know. – Davey

Panama is probably listed too high here. This is a team that needs pitching so bad. You may think well they are broke and can’t get those big names….Well they have 59 million just sitting out there begging to be spent. The lineup has some bright spots and it seems like this team plays above their potential so I will leave them here – Tuner

Replaces players that held them back last year with new fresh farm hands. PC did not add a new player but yet added WAR. – tbud

I think they’ve manage to play above their talent and will again. Whatever’s in that hot tub water has been working. – Buck
18. Northern Virginia

Over the last three seasons, the Rainbow Mermaids have gone 138-187, the franchise’s worst three-year stretch in its history. We’ve appeared in two relegation series, and last season’s team set the franchise record for loses. The team’s best pitcher left this offseason as a free agent, getting nothing in return; I instead invested $84 million in a relief pitcher with no experience. NoVa 2043, Season Tickets On Sale Now!!! – Davey

Oh Davy…. You are just too good at this game. You try to fail and you end up winning. I see the same things happening this year. Adding Smythe will be a great help to the lineup. Bane will not break any backs but look for him to give a few hitters some light sprains. Seco is the Carly Rae Jepsen of the team though. He thinks he is better than he really is and it just hurts everyone – Tuner

Despite void of talent expect their new RP to throw the most innings on the team and have you seen their GM best we have ever seen – tbud

They’ll be better with some of the additions they made. But that probably would of happened without much effort. – Buck
19. Cleveland

A young boy was at the center of a county courtroom drama yesterday when he challenged a court ruling over who should have custody of him. The boy had a history of being abused by his parents and the judge initially awarded custody to his aunt, in keeping with child custody law and regulation requiring that family unity be maintained to the highest degree possible. The boy surprised the court when he proclaimed that his aunt hit him more than his parents and he adamantly refused to live with her. When the judge then suggested that he live with his grandparents, the boy cried and said that they also hit him.

After considering the remainder of the immediate family and learning that domestic violence was apparently a way of life among them, the judge took the unprecedented step of allowing the boy to propose who should have custody of him. After two recesses to check legal references and confer with the child welfare officials, the judge granted temporary custody to the Cleveland Browns’ offense, whom the boy firmly believes are not capable of hitting anyone. – Davey

Cleveland seems like a candle that was burning at both ends. It was so bright and did a double promotion and now its so dark and might be a double demotion. I do like dumping Rooster though. That is a step in the right direction. – Tuner

Overcome with grief from losing to NOVA, Cleveland went out and traded their best hitter. But unlike Nola they still have few guys who deserve to be in the major leagues. – tbud

Got real unlucky last year in the demotion series. I think the rotation is strong enough to compete in the SL. – Buck
20. Detroit

DMoney is the quietest guy I’ve ever met with “Money” in his name. – Davey

Detroit is a team that knew it was bad and knew it had to get knocked around for a couple of seasons. Dmoney knows what he is doing and will start to climb. This is a King Jeremy the Wicked story. You all have been put on notice….. Don’t stand next to him during recess, he will punch you in the face. I really like Hurdle (#2 pitcher in the 3L even though he has never thrown a pitch in the bigs). My concern is he might be too much like Randolph – Tuner

DET TO THE MOON! BUY THE HYPE. Got some help from FA and finally going to calling up the boys he has been holding back. – tbud

Things are starting to turn. There best prospects are starting to make the jump. They’ll compete this year, but with an eye on winning the SL in 2044 (ed. note: Buck I think you forgot what league a team was in again). – Buck
21. Kingston Township

There’s still a ton of pitching talent here, but I’m worried where this team is headed. Would Mellor even get claimed on waivers right now? – Davey

KTK has had their spirits crushed. McCoy grabbed that team and helped push them into the SL for the first time in history…. Well he is gone as well as Ford. Sometimes we think that we want to go to big city only to find out the big city is cruel. Come back home to the farm as it’s safe here – Tuner

Keys to victory for Kingston. Find a way to get David Blake and Jacob Hesser to throw 100 innings each out of the pen not 60 innings combined. If they had a better lineup could make some noise but they don’t, they are broke and the prospects aren’t on their way. – tbud

A SL sleeper if Space Unicorn stays healthy. But we know better. – Buck
22. Vancouver

I was wrong when I said Vancouver would have the best farm system in the league by now. The future seems bright, but more very good than great. – Davey

Dave knew the rebuild will take some time and to me he is doing it the right way. Two season ago the team did well so it might have seem like they were ready for the next steps but he has been sticking to his plan and they will grow more this year. Johnny Jones looks sooo good. He took his bumps and bruises last year but with his character this will only make him stronger. There are a lot of players in the system that will be coming up late this year and next that should help to turn this ship around – Tuner

In a shocking turn of events the team from Vancouver is above the team from Northern Virginia. With that said Dave is tired of losing game so he bought some FA’s and prospects are about ready to bloom his patience is almost rewarded. – tbud

Nobody really sticks out to me. Just looks like a solid 3L team. –
23. Seattle

Always thought it would be fun to do future rankings, as in predict what the league will look like in five years or so. We should do that. – Davey

Oh Seattle, I know you so well. I know you have holes but I also know you have young guns that might be able to fill those holes. My only concern is those young guns needed a little more time at the gun range but due to needs have been told it’s time to shoot. Losing Prokop and Slaybaugh and being broke not able to replace them will hurt for sure. Seattle could be at risk for a 1 and done here. I will say though if they get through this year, those Young Guns are going to get stronger and start to scare people. – Tuner

Promoted, lost 8 WAR and replaced it with a bunch of prospects who were called up too quickly. Plus someone besides New Orleans had to finish last for me. – tbud

Mau coming back is good for the league. Not sure how great it’s been for Seattle so far. – Buck
24. Colorado

I think Mack uses his LinkedIn profile pic for Discord. – Davey

Colorado is a team that I don’t know how he does it each season. The last two season I expected they would go to the 3L but Mack just gets his team to play above their level. Look at his current roster and tell me that’s not a 3L roster. Mack has been getting GM of the year award votes from me because of what he can do with these Little Giants – Tuner

The Goats A ball staff continues to kill this extremely fun offense. – tbud

I don’t see them winning 58 again. But they’ve manage to fight off demotion to the 3L and that’s certainly possible again. – Buck
25. Echo Park

I think the first five songs on Rancid’s 1993 album Let’s Go are the best five-song opening of any album ever. On the right day, I’d put those five songs up against any other five songs on any album. I also think Let’s Go could cut at least 10 songs, but I think that’s part of what makes it so great. Art can be so grandiose that it doesn’t realize it’s being grandiose, and it feels like it almost has to be that way. – Davey

My run on 3L teams has started…. Have I said I don’t like the SL at all this year? Echo Park is a good team and could make a run. This a team that is just missing 1 or 2 good pieces and he has the money to make this happen….. DO IT – Tuner

EP went and added offense at the deadline then got worse. Water found it’s level and EP will come up short again this year. – tbud

Top 3 of the rotation is as solid as any in the 3L and Todd is a stud. Just isn’t enough this year. – Buck
26. Buffalo

Ryder Ringor played in 104 games last season, and at the very least, for one season, Chros was right and I was wrong. – Davey

Chros is going full rebuild and I love it. He either wants to kill you with his team or start all over. Michael maybe you should look at this. Chros felt like he was not going to murder everyone anymore so he is rebuilding to come back to start his killing again. I respect it – Tuner

Rome wasn’t built overnight but it sure burned down overnight. Expect more destruction to come. – tbud

A bunch of holes, but still good at the places filled in. The rotation will give up a lot of home runs though. Selling even more will drop them down. – Buck
27. Montana

Baby Mama took Robbie for his annual check-up the other day and we asked about his weight. He’s gained about seven pounds since we’ve got him (when that face asks for a treat, you give it a treat), and we previously overfed our cat to the point of diabetes. Anyway we think the vet had a long day and misspoke, because she said something like “he’s 61 pounds now so he’s fine, we don’t have to worry unless he’s 62 or more”. If that’s what she meant kinda feels like maybe it’s not fine and our little guy is on the edge of diabetes. Will keep everyone up to date. – Davey

Out of all teams in the 3L, nobody has added more WAR than Panda so you might say “Tuna why don’t you have them at the top” To you I would say one stop questioning my rankings and two not so fast my friend. Yes Panda has added WAR but that is 2042 WAR. Let’s take a deeper dive. Thompkins has dropped about 100 times in the scouting reports since the start of last season. Look for him to end up being a long arm in the pen. Greer did pretty well in the PL last year and I do feel like he will probably do the same in the 3L. I would be surprised if Mendoza has the same stats he did last year. I also expect Trautmann to take a dip as well. I do love the Holden Ford deal he had last year and I think he will be in the middle of the pack in the 3L *TUNA NOTE- He will be in the middle of the pack if he lets the team play. If the start of the year he is 8-12 and is mad at them… all bets are off – Tuner

Panda went full panda and added a bunch of talent but after a slow start will get upset and have buyer’s remorse and Northern Virginia gets new players. – tbud

I’m not buying the 3L leading 11.3 WAR added. – Buck
28. Nashville

In case you wanted to know what Fred’s kink is, he spent $106 million on former Boston pitchers this offseason. – Davey

I like Fred as he is fun in chat. I am unsure what Nashville is doing though. I don’t get the Firpo or Herrera signings for him. They are both good players but are they what Nashville needs? I don’t think they will push them even to the middle of the 3L. – Tuner

Nashville has three things. 1. A batter who can hit balls over mountains. 2. The longest name in USBA history (Kanakanui Lokomaikainani) 3. Country music. If you notice baseball is not listed. – tbud

2045 looks like a good year to point to for when they’ll be ready to compete. – Buck
29. New Orleans

I had no idea who Bad Bunny was until Wrestlemania. – Davey

Chase knew his team was not going to do well pretty early on and did the right thing by getting all the future resources he could. He took what nobody would claim is a good farm and has turned that into the best farm currently in SL. Look for Nawlins to do the double demotion, Gunner will be coming off the books and he will start the climb back up to the top – Tuner

Coming in with the hot take. Nola will not be autorelegated (only because I want Dave to pay me more money than I deserve). The Voodoo added 1.5 WAR (ranked 3rd in the SL) to the team this offseason but did not add a single ML player. Just another example that this team is “void of talent” – tbud

Stripped everything down last year. Rotation may be okay in the SL but the offense doesn’t look good. – Buck
30. Las Vegas

Starting to think this 3L stay may be longer than the last. – Davey

JJ is like Nashville but doing probably what I would do. He has the money but he is not spending it on big free agents that might make him #5 in the 3L. He went Ham in the IFA and looks like he is building his team from inside. Look for this team to start to push forward after this season – Tuner

Mingos got better because JJ did nothing. Still doesn’t mean they are any good. – tbud

Lineup looks solid but the pitching need some help. – Buck
31. Oakland

Just took him for a walk and I’d like to inform everyone that you can put in on the booooaaaaaarrrrrrrd yyyyyyyesssss! A two-run bomb for Robbie puts the Sox up 2-1!! – Davey

I don’t have a lot to say about Oakland. I mean I don’t love his team having him at 31 and I don’t really love his minors right now. He did sign some very nice IFAs so hopefully they will grow. I see a few years in the 3L though – Tuner

Oakland’s ace has 5 names and I am supposed to trust this team? Can’t fool me Markus. – tbud

I don’t see much improvement this year. – Buck
32. Thunder Bay

Our league can only begin to heal when Thunder Bay is no longer retaining half of Vidro’s contract. – Davey

Thunder Bay is making his way to the Family Dollar league. It’s a long way to the top if you want to rock and roll and Thunder Bay needs to start this journey. The good news is that rock bottom is good solid ground. – Tuner

This team got a lot better the day Barry Flauker filed for FA but they still got the #1 pick from the SL so it didn’t help them that much. – tbud

Hasn’t been much to get excited about since Vidro. Though Souza looks to be the next ace in Thunder Bay. – Buck