TWIT Returns From The Dead With A Mild Roar

Welcome back to This Week Month in Trades! It’s been awful quiet around here lately, but as teams start to separate and we are reaching the midpoint of the year, new life has been found. And it’s not just some idiot posting his trash block to the wrong Slack channel anymore!

Untitled Interactive Blog Post: The Debut

In the spirit of the season, all of us here at Davey Enterprises (with no small measure of help from Cheese Stands Alone Industries and Pander Productions) thought today was the perfect day to test a new blog post. Voting is cool, right?! Voting between two insufferable blowhards is even cooler, can I get an… Read More »

2041 USBA KNORTS Addendum

In the interest of creating more drama, Davey Industries has elected to disclose the individual rankings in the following format: Team Average Highest Spot Loves Them Hates Them Boston 1.17 1 Everyone but Pander Pander Buffalo 1.83 1 Pander Everyone but Pander New Orleans 3.83 3 Davey, Pander, and Mack Buck and Michael Hollywood 4.33… Read More »

2041 USBA KNORTS: The Story So Far

I had all weekend to come up with a writing exercise to help me write an intro, and I couldn’t come up with anything. Which is sad, because I know you people don’t just come here to read the blurbs about your own team. Something Brendan Kelly said in his blog the other week really… Read More »

TWIT Sees a Lot of Things Moving but Nothing Exciting

Welcome back, friends to another edition of This Week In Trades! We have reached the lull in the action between the early moves and the deadline but there is still some life out there. A competitive Montana has certainly slowed the market movement this season but has added more competition to the league and is… Read More »

TWIT Tries To Enjoy The Week Off But Davey Had To Ruin It

We’re on vacation, or so I was told. Davey had to go and ruin it. Thanks Davey. Anyway, Chros and I will leave our nuggets of wisdom in the same tightly coiled piles as usual below. Have a great rest of your sim vacation USBAers!