2040 USBA KNORTS: There Is No Past, The Future Has Been Cast

If I wasn’t just one kid standing on another kid’s shoulders in a trench coat you’d be in trouble, buddy. Thanks to this year’s KNORTS crew, we probably have too many PL guys. Some of you non-PL guys should write for this next year. Here are the individual rankings so you know who to target your hate… Read More »

TWIT Returns To Terrorize 2040 And Judge You Harshly

Welcome to Season 2 of This Week In Trades, where we work off our freshman fifteen and try to avoid a sophomore slump. Returning this year are your favorite the loudest trade analysts this side of the USBA blog, the obnoxious elitists from the PL, the Cheese and Chros! In this week’s episode we see… Read More »

FPRL 2039 Season Preview Review

Let’s Take a Look Back and See How Right Teej and Kerry Were  During the dark days that preceded the 2039 USBA season the smooth audio sounds provided on the Fake Players Real Losers podcast at regular intervals were a beacon of hope. Their prognostication skills were only matched by their high quality audio levels.… Read More »

TWIT 2039 Season Finale Spectacular

Hello friends and welcome to This Week In Trades 2039 Season Finale! Today Chros and I wrap up the excitement from the season and stop hurting feelings and ruffling feathers for at least a few weeks. It’s been quite a year for trades with so many Gold Balls being passed around the league you’d think… Read More »

TWIT Sees Things Happen and Comments For Funsies

Welcome back to the latest installment of This Week In Trades! Today Chros and I will read the tea leaves and make poor perfectly normal judgments of everyone’s deals. We even have a special treat, two deals made by yours truly! Please feel free to tell me how much you love hearing about Hollywood hate… Read More »