TWIT Sees a Lot of Things Moving but Nothing Exciting

By | 2020-08-28

Welcome back, friends to another edition of This Week In Trades! We have reached the lull in the action between the early moves and the deadline but there is still some life out there. A competitive Montana has certainly slowed the market movement this season but has added more competition to the league and is making it interesting in the 3L. Join Chros and myself as we take a quick peek at the deals.

A quick note before we get started, since we are fast approaching the deadline if anyone would like to chime in over the next two weeks as a contributing opinion-haver, please let me know.

VANC Tony ManzanaresBUC2041 BUC 3rd Round

Manzanares for a 3rd is fine. His hot start gives Vancouver a trade value bump.

Nice pickup by Buckhead. Manzanares is good defensively and having a nice offensive season. Would have loved to get him if I had any picks at all.

BUF1B Obidah Lewis
RP Bartolo Cardona (AA)
P761B Eddie Sachs

I guess what Chros says below is true. He needed defense at 1B. Otherwise Obi is a better hitter but not by much.

Sachs can’t hit his way out of a paper bag right now, but by the end should have similar offensive production, and higher WAR due to defense. Yu was killing me at 1B and Sachs is an above average defender. Addition by subtraction.

HOUOF Jaime Juarez (R)LISS Stu Roberts (R)

Roberts has a decent glove and Juarez will play LF ok in the future but trading future AAAA replacement players getting us excited to report is about how this week has gone.

Both of these guys are terrible. You two must have been really bored.

MONSP Emilio Linger (A)
CF Jorge Quilez (R)
P76RF Murray Sperber (100%)

Mack continues to sell off pieces for babies. Sperber was a good pickup and now he gets to keep filling out his minors.

Sperber is having a fantastic year, not really a fan of those prospects but Quilez could be a decent 4th OFer.