The Unofficially Official BigTuna GM Power Rankings of 2039

By | 2020-06-17

So today I had a list anonymously sent to my inbox with a note attached saying “hey moron, post this”. So like any good moron, I shall comply. The only other response I got when asking about it was “I’m not in this list because no one loves me more than me”, and all I could think was “ah yes, another aficionado of Rule #1”. So let’s get TUOBTGMPR39 started.

RankNameTeamPrevious RankingComments
30DanOaklandNRNever seen him
29AndyKCNRNever seen him
28MackPhillyNRNew guy probably can only go up
27JohnGreenvilleNRNever seen him
26DeanSan MateoNRMaybe have seen him post
25JordanEcho ParkNRSwept me so we are not good at this moment
24TylerBostonNRI heard he was great…. He’s like the Michigan Wolverines
23PandaMontanaNRPanda is Doc Brown, He is playing the long game
22GerthDCNRBeat me to go to the cup, so he will always be hated
21Thunderbay ScottThunderBayNRSeems great when he is on, Not enough for me to go on yet
20ErockBrooklynNRNever on but buddy from an old league keeps him in the top 20
19TylerHoustonNRThis is the highest Tyler has been in the GM PR #HoustonFacts
18Vancouver DaveVancouverNRI mean he is a robot, right?
17MattCharlestonNRI love his fire, he is like Chros Lite
16BrettChicagoNRSolid when he is here
15GregClevelandNRGreat Slack names, now only if his team could play at that level
14KerryBuckheadNRKeeps us updated with what is going on in the world
13Scooter McScootfaceFt WorthNRSee Kerry above
12CheeseHollywoodNRUgh, He’s like a canker sore, painful but you keep touching it
11Crossword ScooterSTLNRInteractive and good for trade talks
10MichaelLong IslandNRSee Scooter above
9BrianPanamaNRNot around a lot but when he is he is top tier
8TeejayToledoNRI can’t believe I let you guys kill his spirit, he was so young
7BuckPortlandNRFellow 108 gm, Always good for a chat
6Las DavesLas VegasNRFunny guy who likes the same girl’s board games as me
5FredNashvilleNRHas my BFF Necklace
4ChaseNew OrleansNRPulled over for bumping Alanis….Ironic?
3BeauMississippiNROf course my 3L roommate will be top 3
2DaveyNovaNRJokes so solid you could call him Plymouth
1ChrosBuffaloNR#1 for a reason, Cold blooded Killer