TWIT Tries To Enjoy The Week Off But Davey Had To Ruin It

By | 2020-08-06

We’re on vacation, or so I was told. Davey had to go and ruin it. Thanks Davey. Anyway, Chros and I will leave our nuggets of wisdom in the same tightly coiled piles as usual below. Have a great rest of your sim vacation USBAers!

MON$1,100,000FTWRP Karl Dandleton (AAA) (100%)

I really hope we see Dandleton bat at some point too because as a pitcher he’s maybe a mop up guy?

Dandleton is an interesting player. Looks like a platoon bat who can hit lefties, and a decent middle innings reliever. Nice move here for a guy who can actually contribute as a two-way player, and got him for basically nothing.

MONSP Foeke Reus (R)P76RP Ken Horton

Reus looks like he could turn into a solid mid-rotation starter if he develops a bit. Horton looks like another mop up reliever. If Reus devs well, this will look very bad in the future and if he doesn’t it will be forgotten like most trades.

Both of these guys look like 5th starters at best to me, but I’d probably rather have the prospect Reus since Horton is 28 and stinks.

NVSP Javier Ariza
CF Jim Brown
RP Mac Hippenhammer (AAA)
CLE2041 CLE 1st Round
2041 CLE 2nd Round
2041 CLE 3rd Round
2041 CLE 5th Round
1B Matthew Mayo (AAA)
CF Lucky Foote (A)

Grogg has put on his big boy pantaloons and busted a move. The meat of this is Ariza for Mayo and picks. Ariza was once an untradeable prospect for the Rainbow Kittenmaids. Mayo is a big bat at the DH spot. I think this deal is pretty even.

Wow, why is Davey selling? I like this move much more for Cleveland who now looks like the clear favorite in the SL. Ariza is a legit young ace, Brown is a solid platoon bat/4th OFer with good defense, and Hippenhammer looks like a future closer. Foote sucks, and Mayo will be a good bat but a DH. Those picks will be mid 20s when Cleveland wins the SL, and they clearly make out much better here.