TWIT Struggles To Stay Awake Amidst All The Action

By | 2020-07-30

I guess Dave’s vacation started early for you guys, too. Thank goodness for Mack or we’d be skipping a week. I am both disappointed with you all and happy you were lazy this week at the same time. Chros and I review all three trades this week and I go back to my staycation of getting stuff done and missing on all of my trade talks.

LISP Heath Brown (A)
SS Cesar Ferreira (A)
SP Dario Zorander (R)
SP Francisco Diaz (R)
CF Mhelter Tejano (R)
RF Chandler Schroeder (R)
2041 LI 1st Round
2041 LI 3rd Round
2041 LI 4th Round
2041 LI 5th Round
P76SP Juriaan Roos (100%)
3B Carlos Mendoza (100%)

This is a big boy pants trade. Now I just need to figure out if Michael put his pants on his head or not. I like the look of Roos and Mendoza, especially in the 3L/SL. I think they can be great additions to help stabilize the team and possibly push them over the top. A lot of the guys Philly got back are wildcards, but Tejano and Schroder look like they’ll stick and if one of the SPs works out then it’s a solid plus. Add in the 4 picks and this looks like a good return for paying about 4m in salary this season and giving up these guys in the race to the bottom.
Verdict: No pants on head from either side. Good job boys.

Long Island is pushing hard to compete and this move for Roos helps shore up their rotation, which had a gaping hole in it. I don’t love Mendoza, as he has good ratings but has done terribly in the PL for several years, but LI is gambling on him breaking out in Menard’s. Tejano and Brown are the best prospects in the bunch. Tejano looks solid but is not a SS, he’ll have to be moved to 2B. Brown will be the wild card – he has 12 stuff potential, but a 4 movement. The scouting report says he can be an ace, but I don’t see how that movement makes that possible. Trade seems fair and obviously where those picks land can swing this in either direction, but another plus for LI is that they’ve already extended Roos cheaply.

MISSOF Owen Sharts (AAA)LV$1

What a waste of a dollar. All jokes aside, Sharts is a solid filler piece for Vegas and cheap. Solid pickup for the ‘mingos.

Solid bench piece. When will the rest of the Shart Foundation make their USBA debut?

CHS2041 CHS 1st Round
2041 CHS 3rd Round
P76RP Amberlan Romubio (ML)

I have already expressed my like of Romubio in last week’s TWIT but this feels like an overpay to me. I don’t think adding the 3rd was necessary but it also got Mack to pull the trigger so it served it’s purpose I guess. All in all, not a huge overpay. The big question remains to be seen if Romubio can live up to his ratings.

Ugh. Just… ugh. Not looking forward to Romubio haunting me for years. I do agree that it was a slight overpay.