FPRL 2039 Season Preview Review

By | 2020-07-20

Let’s Take a Look Back and See How Right Teej and Kerry Were 

During the dark days that preceded the 2039 USBA season the smooth audio sounds provided on the Fake Players Real Losers podcast at regular intervals were a beacon of hope. Their prognostication skills were only matched by their high quality audio levels. The struggling nation looked to these two men for answers, but were only left with more questions. Let’s dust off the record book, and take one last look back into the 2039 USBA season and see how our two podcasting heroes did with their preseason prognostications. 

The Menard’s Third League 

Projected Actual KerryTJ 
Cleveland 6357Over Under 
Mississippi 5964Over Over 
Brooklyn 5852OverOver 
DC 5853Under Under 
Houston 5658Over Over 
Toledo 5548Under Under 
ACKC 5454Over Under 
Echo Park 5461Over Over 
Seattle 5463Under Under 
Panama City 5242Under Over 
KT 5054Under Over 
Montana 3842Over Over 

Kerry: 7-1-4

Teej: 8-1-4

It takes a Mendard’s Man™ to know the Menard’s League, and all that time that Teej has spent circling the drain at the bottom gave him a huge advantage in predicting the Third League. On top going 9-1-3 he also correctly predicted that Mississippi would take home the hardware and pull off a Buckhead Bounce™ back up to the Silver League. Kerry on the other hand broke about even after wiffing twice on Believeland. 

The Silver League 

Projected Actual KerryTJ
Buffalo 7173Over Under 
St. Louis 6946Under Over 
Buckhead 6450Under Over 
Ft. Worth 5857Under Under 
Charleston 5765Over Over 
Oakland 5252Over Over (Unicorn 72+) LOL
San Mateo 5152Under Under 
Nashville 4650Under Under 
Long Island 4547Over Over
Thunder Bay 2849Over Over 

Kerry: 7-1-2

Teej: 4-1-5 

Back on his home turf, helped out by some insider info leaked from the Buckhead franchise, Kerry wiped the floor with Teej in the Silver League department. The biggest miss of the offseason was calling St. Louis for 70+ wins in a season that saw them fall through the trap door. Kerry also deserves extra kudos for correctly calling both promoted teams, but it should be noted that both gents correctly picked Buffalo to win it all. Also, huge LOLZ to Teeeeej who thought the Unicorn was going to play more than 72 games. Dude played 12. Ha. 

The Premier League 

Projected Actual KerryTJ
Hollywood 6770Under Under 
New Orleans 6566Over Under 
NOVA 6371Over Over 
Chicago 5362Over Over 
Greenville 5351Under Over 
Portland 5155Over Under 
Boston 5047Over Over 
Vancouver 4846Over Over 
Philly 4735Under Under 
Las Vegas 4437Under Over 

Kerry: 7-3

Teej: 3-7 

Despite not having been in the Premier League since the Donald Trump Jr. administration, Kerry absolutely waxed TJ when it came to picking the leagues highest division. Not only did Kerry rout him 7-3 he ran up the score by picking eventual champion NOVA as well. Credit does go to the boys for somehow thinking that the Chicago Ghost Ships would put together a respectable season. 

Final Score 

Kerry: 21-2-9 and 2 of 3 champions 

Teej: 15-2-16 and 1 of 3 champions