TWIT: 2041 Trade Deadline Edition

By | 2020-11-30

Twas a dark night in Mississippi as our friend Beau became scared money. This once brash villain-in-training with dreams of crushing the PL this year seems destined for the SL after some big moves as the deadline loomed. Thunder Bay was the other big seller this year. All in all, it was a quieter deadline than expected. Chros and Tuna were a great team this season, reviewing all of your trades. I just want to say a big thank you to them here before we get to their hard work! Please remember to thank them as well in #general or in private if so desired. Eventually their equity will pay off but for some reason the check keeps getting lost in the mail….On to the deadline!

STLSP Ralph Hanscombe (A)
2042 STL 3rd Round
TBRP Jasper Kirby

This is ok. Kirby is ok. I hate his movement but he’ll do ok in the 3L or SL.

This Deadline was known as the ThunderBay deadline. I like Kirby and I think this is a good deal for STL. Hanscombe is meh and 3rd seems like a good price to pay for an RP with two 9 pitches Grade for STL B, Grade for TB B.

HOLSP Josuke Okumura (AAA)
SS Barton Ryan (A)
TBRF Gilberto Ocasio

I really hate that Ocasio is in Hollywood, and I honestly don’t like this return at all. Why was cash sent along with him? I re-signed him for pennies, and it was more cash than he makes for the whole year? lol.

Dont trade with Cheese. He’s going to be nice to you and talk a bunch of sweat nothings to you. Follow the flow chart and just dont do it. This is a steal for Hollywood. Grade for HOL -A, Grade for TB – The Matt Millen what are you doing.

NORF Griffin Woodfinlevine (AAA)
CF Archie Pittman (A)
2042 NO 2nd Round
2042 NO 3rd Round
2042 TOL 3rd Round
2042 NO 4th Round
TB1B Jason Slaybaugh

THB got a nice haul here and Slaybaugh has been killing it for NO. Pittman looks like a nice prospect. Nice deal for both.

A good 1B for a couple b level prospects and a bunch of picks. I think this is fair for both teams. TB got more in this deal then they got in the Ocasio deal who I think is the better player. Grade for NO B+, Grade for TB B.

FTW$500,000TBRP Jim Sison


Saving money deal for TB. This is fine Grade for FTW B, Grade for TB B+.

GRESP Javier Guillen (AAA)
SP Claudio Ortega (A)

7.5m for two turd sandwiches.

I like a good cash for player trade. I think Guillen can be a decent starter. He’s more of a #4 starter but still could be solid. Greenville gets straight cash homie. Grade for Gre:B, Grade for PC: B+.

NORP Gunnar Hoglund (AAA)DC2042 DC 4th Round


A 4th round pick for some BP depth is fine. Grade for NO B+, Grade for DC C+.

FTW2042 FTW 3rd RoundMISSRP Sima Babic

Good pickup for FTW.

A 3rd round pick for a better BP player. Grade for FTW: B-, Grade for MISS: B+.

PC$4,500,000TBSP Jaganmani Vivek

At least this guy is passable as a major league talent.

4.5 for an average RP. He should do ok in the 3L. Grade for PC : B-, Grade for TB :A-.

CLERP Ryunosuke KurotaDC2042 DC 2nd Round

I don’t think this guy is worth a 2nd rounder.

I could see a 3rd for this guy but not a second. Seems like an overpay. Grade for CLE : A -, Grade for DC :C -.

MON2042 PORT 1st RoundNV$13,000,000
COLSP Zalontae HillaryFTWSP Yin-Zhen Wu (A)
SP Remco Mansvelt (A)

Fair deal in that everyone is kinda bad. FIP suggests Hillary has been extremely lucky and will regress hard, but maybe he continues the magic for Scoot.

Another meh for meh. If anything I think Wu might be able to be decent. Grade for COL: B, Grade for FTW:C.

HOL1B Karl Blanke (100%)DC2042 DC 3rd Round

Blanke has picked up as a platoon guy but never performed for Hollywood. Worth a shot in the SL, I guess.

I would say a 3rd is too much for Blanke but its being paid by Hollywood so I am ok with it Grade for HOL: B+, Grade for DC: B.

STLRF Yong-Hong Ren (AAA)
2042 STL 4th Round
MISSSS Melvin Thomas (50%)

Beau picks up a nice prospect for a rental who is having a terrible year. STL going for it in the SL – good deal for both.

Beau was caught and everyone knew it. He painted himself into a corner and was not going to get a good return for Tuna and then boom STL walks in. Beau said he would cover 100% for a second (ed. note, pretty sure it was a 1st, not 2nd) round pick at one point and ended up getting not only a really good prospect but a 4th as well and only having to pay 50%. Well done. I like the deal for STL and I think Tuna is a great rental but I do think his needs made him overpay here. Grade for STL B, Grade for MISS A.

TOLRP Javier Benavides (AA)
SS Beningo Bachelay (R)
2042 TOL 1st Round
MISSSP An Jang-Yop

The blockbuster of the deadline! Beau probably got max value for Yop, who is going to dominate in the 3L. Beau gets what he wanted in a current decent pick, and two decent prospects.

Beau strikes again. Toledo was looking all around for their starter to help the team and they got him with YOP. The closer Beau got can be closing right now in the bigs. If Toledo still struggles, Beau has a top 15 pick coming his way. I like this deal for both. Grade for TOL A-, Grade for MISS A-.

BUFRP Drees de Lijser (R)NVRP Yeon-Kyu Kim (100%)

Kim is 37 but is still decent and better than the AAA relievers I’ve been rotating on and off my roster until Mais gets back.

I like this deal for both. Kim should be ok and is free. The prospect is what you should be getting in return for moving Kim. Grade for Buf B+, Grade for NV B.