TWIT Returns From The Dead With A Mild Roar

By | 2020-11-12

Welcome back to This Week Month in Trades! It’s been awful quiet around here lately, but as teams start to separate and we are reaching the midpoint of the year, new life has been found. And it’s not just some idiot posting his trash block to the wrong Slack channel anymore!

Reviewing this week’s return to action is our master of the PL and favorite to do a Triple this year, Chros with his trusty 3L sidekick, everyone’s favorite Tuna. Please remember to warm up those engines as the race to the deadline promises some big names. Mississippi is already trying to sell Li’l Tuna and the Ageless Wunderkind. Big injuries have struck multiple organizations and TWIT abhors a vacuum. Enough chit chat, now on to this week’s action!

DCC Vance Lee (A)
2042 DC 1st Round
MISSSP Cesar Sandoval
RP Jose Quinones

Sandoval is a nice young SP who still has some time to fully develop his stuff. Worth the pick, fair trade for both sides.

This trade makes sense. The league seems like it is making good deals and making my job harder.

SEARP Dragutin Petrovic (25%)FTWSS Seun-jae Kyong (R)

Nice deal for both, Petrovic is a setup/closer type and Kyong is a solid offensive shortstop.

Another solid deal by the best GM in the league……. Trading Petrovic may look like a sell job but he had hurt me too many times and I had other players that could step up into that spot. Getting Jae Kyong back helps build through the middle.

MON3B Shimei Miura
NASH3B Mike Case
2042 NASH 3rd Round
2042 NASH 5th Round

Nashville gets a much needed boost in power to their lineup with this trade and will improve their defense at 3B. Case had been disappointing in his stint in Nashville but if he can get back to producing like he did for Charleston, the offensive dropoff isn’t far off.

I like this trade for both, Panda builds for the future with the picks and Fred tries to keep winning in the now.

NVSS Kenny Dixon (A)KTCF Tony Goodwin

This is a steal for Davey. Dixon sucks. Goodwin has no power or discipline, but if he can slap enough singles to stay in the lineup, he’s a gold glove caliber CFer.

I do think Davey won but not as much as Chros does. Goodwin is a great gap CF.

NOSP Will Hunting (100%)LITim Hankins (R)
2042 TOL 3rd Round

Hunting stinks but Michael didn’t give much. He has solid ratings and is a lefty, so maybe a trip to the 3L will benefit him.

This is a smart trade by LI. Hunting will fit into the pitching you see in the 3L. Chase gets credit too for getting a 3rd rounder.