TWIT Is Alive And Excited For the Upcoming Deadline

By | 2020-11-19

Welcome back to another rousing edition of This Week In Trades! As we prepare for our yearly deadline spectacular next week, are starting to see the smoke from all the firesales. The real question is: Will anyone be buying?

Chros and Tuna put in many solid man-minutes to provide some insight into the trades and are getting their war paints ready for next week’s spectacular as there’s a drive into deep left field by Castellanos and that’ll be a homerun. And so that’ll make it a 4-0 ballgame.

OAKRP Carlos Rodriguez
LISP Matt Dunn
SP Ed Clark (R)
CF Jaime Juarez (R)
2042 BUF 1st Round

Rodriguez is an elite closer in the 3L and SL and may be the piece that puts Long Island over the top to win the league. I don’t like anything Oakland got back except the pick, I guess. I always laughed at Michael for thinking he could get something good for Dunn alone, and as usual I was right.

Ugh, LI had nothing to really trade and still got a great closer. Great work by him. Not a fan of this trade for Oak. Dunn is very Meh and maybe the draft will be good but I have not seen it yet.

MONSP Lester RoadleyTOL$3,500,000

He doesn’t seem to be very good? But he’s doing well this year? I don’t know.

I know TeeJ liked this deal. I guess its fine. Money is always ok to give up and Roadley might be able to get him some wins. I like this deal for Panda.

EPSP Nolan Howard
LIRP Onson Sweeney
RP Felipe Filipe
CF Chip Mullaney
SS Ger Jobse (AA)
CF Donald Martin (A)
LF Man-Su Sin (A)
SP Luis Ramos (A)
SP Pat Pierce (R)
2042 MON 1st Round

This was a win now move for Mochael that now gives him one of the better rotations in the 3L. EP gets a likely top 3 pick out of it. Nice deal for both.

Michael got a great pitcher with a great pitcher contract. This deal makes sense for both. If somehow LI does not move this year…. Watch it all fall to pieces.

NV1B Jorge AlejandrezSEADH Scott Kerin

I guess Davey and Tuna were bored, I dunno. Fair swap of two old farts that are just about ded.

I save $19 million in this deal. I signed Kerin hoping he could be the guy he was last year and that did not happen. Even if he rebounds in NV, I am happy to move him.

NVC Tim StinsonHOL2042 HOL 3rd Round

Not a bad pickup for a ded Diablo as they are both performing equally poorly.

Cheese needed a catcher and went out and got one. Makes sense. Not a big boy one but a very good ML one that can keep them afloat.

NVLF Phil McCroskeyPITCF Jon Huband

Davey clearly has a fetish for light hitting, elite defensive CFers.

Meh for Meh=Meh according to this file.

CLERP Mamadou BoutinCOL2042 COL 3rd Round

Boutin is kinda underdeveloped for a 25 y/o but not a bad gamble for a 3rd round pick.

I like Boutin and he should do well in the 3L for Colorado next year. He was not helping Grogg so he builds for the future.