2044 Tuna Stars

By | 2021-08-01

I am here again.

I thought there was a chance I was getting out of here but we just can’t do it. Since I am here I am going to have fun, so now it’s time for the 3rd annual Tuna’s 3L All-Stars (ed. note: we’re rebranding these as Tuna Stars).

The rules for the Tuna Stars are the same every year, each batting position will have a starter and a backup. Five starting pitchers and five relief pitchers. Each team needs to have at least one player in the All-Star game (Panda tried to make it hard for me this year but I was able to make it work). I looked at stats last sim so things might have changed a little but this is set in stone.

Last year Toledo ran away with the league and also ran away with the Tuna Stars (eight players), but things are different this year with them gone. My team currently leads the league but is only sending two players to the Summer Classic. Panama City leads all teams with five players making the trip. Vancouver is right behind them with four. Buckhead, Panama City and Las Vegas all have three starters for the game. Yan Van Der Meijden (say that three times fast) seems like a shocking starting pitcher but he gets the nod. All he needed was to get out of Cleveland to be a star. Now that we are in the third year we had a chance to have a three-time All-Star and although Danny Trautmann is having a good year, he falls short of this. Two players are making their second trip with Dusty Crum and Oasiz Wiesblatt (both starting this year after being the back up last year). Oakland, Thunder Bay and Montana only have one player with TB having Crum in the starting lineup.

It pains me to say this, but see you again next year.

PositionTuna Star StarterTeamBackupTeam
CDusty Crum*Thunder BayJuan RitaquevedoVancouver
1BChan-Ho ShinnLas VegasJoe SchreibvogelEcho Park
2BJared SchneiderBuckheadJulio SahagunNew Orleans
3BJesus LazcanoVancouverJonathan WinstonEcho Park
SSJuan BarronBuckheadAnthony HollisPanama City
LFOasiz Wiesblatt*Panama CityJohn WilkersonDetroit
CFDaniel PageNashvilleGwang-Soo DeungjeongDetroit
RFJoe MuellerEcho ParkOmar LuoaNashville
DHColton PenningtonPanama CityRamon MortereroMontana
SPYan Van Der MeijdenLas Vegas
SPJuan ViasPanama City
SPZhao-Ji QiuVancouver
SPMartin LutherDetroit
SPLiam BaneNova Scotia
BPTom DeHartNova Scotia
BPRamon BarruecoPanama City
BPWalt McPikeOakland
BPTerry LesageVancouver
BPSantiago RiveraNew Orleans