2045 Tuna Stars

By | 2021-11-24

The rules for the Tuna Star game are the same every year, each batting position will have a starter and a backup. Five starting pitchers and five relief pitchers. Each team needs to have at least one player in the Tuna Star game.

First year in the SL and I went all homer. Last year when my team dominated the 3L, we only had two 3L stars. This year we are in a fight and we lead everyone with nine players making it to the FAME GAME™. This beats Toledo’s record from a couple of seasons ago when they had eight players make it (although I would say this is more impressive because in the 3L 12 teams are fighting for spots). Of the nine players making it, three of them are starting as we will represent three of the four infield positions. San Potato has a great team and it shows, with five players making the team – three of them being starters. Francisco (that’s fun to say) Diaz is the lone starter for KT with his 1.3 WAR. Mississippi, with all of their talent, only has one player making the team and he built most of his stats with KT. Everyone else has at least two players making it.

With me moving to the SL you will not see a lot of people who have been to the game before. Having said that, Tom “Sunglasses” DeHart makes it for the second year in a row. Chan-Ho Shinn also makes it again but this year for a different league for a different team at a different position.

We would love to see who made it for the 3L if somebody has the time to do that, applications along with a shirtless pic should be DM’d to Davey.

CIvano PohvisnevPanama CityKameron GuangorenaBaltimore
1BRichard TrevithickNova ScotiaTetsu MatsumotoBaltimore
2BJuan NevaresNova ScotiaMhelter TejanoColorado
3BChan-Ho Shinn*Nova ScotiaLautaro LacasaHollywood
SSFrancisco AlhamaDCAngel SaelicesNova Scotia
LFQuiterio RuahSan MateoRuben NuanezHollywood
CFAugust ForceColoradoAmor CamposMississippi
RFEsteban SifuentesSan MateoKoryusai OhayashiNova Scotia
DHChris BaconToledoRicardo AguilaNova Scotia
SPSylvain RichardSan Mateo
SPPat ButlerPanama City
SPFrancisco DiazKT
SPKen GrantNova Scotia
SPVan HilemanDC
BPTom DeHart*Nova Scotia
BPUrs EhlesSan Mateo
BPJorge GonzalezSan Mateo
BPJay CannonPanama City
BPCullen TaylorNova Scotia
* denotes multiple time Tuna Stars