2025 Buckhead Bowties Promotional Calendar

By | 2016-11-03

Buckhead “Bro” Ties sponsored by Natty Light

May 25 vs. Panama City

To honor their own the Bowties are letting in the first 1,000 white males under 27 in for free. Grab your privilege, throw on your Sperrys, and make your way down to the park early to shotgun a room temp Natty Light, and #getBucdup! Saturdays are for the Ties.

2020 .500 World Championship reunion

June 4th vs. Oakland

Come out as we celebrate the legends that brought glory to Buckhead five short seasons ago. We will be honoring 2nd baseball Sean Bowles with a statue outside of Gate F. His glove being immortalized in stone is very fitting considering how he played defense during his time in Buckhead.

Chester Henry Memorial Service sponsored by Robinson Family Funeral Home

July 11th vs Vancouver

The first (and maybe only) 500 to attend will receive a black suit shirsey to commemorate fallen former Buckhead ace Chester Henry. Also, during the the game the Vancouver Gray Wolves will be burying any hopes of the Ties avoiding relegation this season.

LGBT Night sponsored by Swingin’ Richards

July 27th vs Kansas City

Buckhead takes PRIDE in welcoming ACKC to the city for LGBT night. All fans in attendance will receive a rainbow “Lets Go Bow Ties” hat. Everyone, 18 and up, can take their ticket sub to Swingin’ Richards after the game for 50% off all services.

“Go Ties- Go Green!” Night

September 5th vs. Richardson City

The Bowties have partnered with the Georgia Energy Alliance to bring you “Go Ties, Go Green Night”. Inspired by Buckhead’s history with swinging strikeouts GEA has partnered up to convert all of those swing and a misses into wind energy to power 5 Paces Park. All kids, 12 and under, will receive a green whiffle bat with a hole in the barrel.