TWIT vs Montana I: I Can See This Happening A Lot

By | 2020-05-14

Hello friends and welcome back to This Week In Trades! This week is all about Montana and the discussion of if they’re making Poor Life Choices. Joining me again this week is Chrostophor, Kong in the North as we delve into the wild and wacky world of trades. Come gather ’round the fireside as we peel back the layers of this onion and hold back our tears.

BOSC Anselmo Berneu (AAA) (100%)MON2040 NO 3rd Round
2040 MON 4th Round

Boston turns nothing into something and Panda turns some future things into something, I guess.

Not really worth writing an article on, but hey it’s a slow week in trades. Montana gets a catcher with some power who is hoping to take advantage of playing on a softball field.

NVRP Tom King (AAA) (100%)MON2040 MON 5th Round

I just don’t understand what Panda is doing. A hot start and then trading for mediocre guys while giving up future assets just seems to be a way to maybe win an extra couple games while still living in the 3L basement. These deals seem more like an inability to sit still than anything of value for the ‘taner Panders.

King isn’t terrible, and he was acquired for a relatively low price. He has had prior success in the SL and PL and should be a decent middle innings guy. Panda continues to buy to make a run at… idk… 8th place?

NORP Jorge Villanueva (100%)
RP De John Cleland (AAA)
RP Marcos Mesorana (AAA) (100%)
SS Rio Clark (AA)
MON2040 BUF 1st Round

Villanueva is fine. And he’s free until the team option after 2040. Rio Clark looks like a future adequate backup MIF if you’ve got no other options. The other two don’t excite me at all. On the bright side I hate this trade least of the three this week but I’m not sure this was worth the 28th pick in the draft.

Villanueva looks like an above average reliever but the rest are fringe guys you can pick up off the scrap heap. I don’t like giving up a 1st here, and it saddens me that my pick is being passed around like a cheap prostitute.

And that’s it for This Week in Trades. Panda powered, fueled by the -xW hate engine and everyone’s favorite snacking dairy. You guys keep making deals and we’ll keep being the peanut gallery.