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2054 KNORTS: Anyone Can Play Guitar

Gather ’round, baseball enthusiasts, for the dawn of the 2054 USBA season approaches with the subtlety of a brass band in a library! I’m Charles Dryden, longtime USBA correspondent and your guide and scribe through this impending saga of bats, balls, and bases. Prepare thyselves for an expedition into the heart of America’s grand pastime,… Read More »

This Week in Trade-ball

Ah, trade season, the time of year where every baseball mogul, rube, and rambler hopes to strike a deal that’ll be remembered for decades. So, here we are, ready to dissect these trades like a surgeon at a fish market! Onward, my baseball aficionados! Hollywood Shredders and Montana Pandas Play the Ol’ Moneyball The Hollywood… Read More »


Act I: The Premier Pantomime Ah, the New Orleans Voodoo – the fresh darlings of the Premier League! Just as their moniker suggests, there’s something mystical in the Bayou air. Their Cuban sensation, Eduardo Lopez, is said to have arrived in the US of A by sailing on a raft fashioned from discarded baseball bats,… Read More »