2038 KNORTS SL Awards: Let’s Vote For Ourselves

By | 2020-04-13

GM of the Year

JJ (Las Vegas):

Cheese was expected to do well. Nobody could have predicted LV do as well as they did, but they’re a rare team that benefitted from a truly Markus of a season. Also Cheese sucks – Chros

Vegas has 22 players on their 40-man roster making less than $500k, which feels like a lot for an SL team that won 60 games. I can’t verify that’s a record so I will assume it is. – Davey

I managed to get promoted with Panda’s pitching staff, no money, and a bunch of guys who would sign minor league contracts. Many of you should feel bad about your teams for losing to what a panda roster could do if he had defense, did not play in a clown park, and did not trade all his players away. – JJ

Not sure what happened here but he earned his team promotion. – Tyler

Cheese (Hollywood):

Rule #1: Always vote for yourself. Always. Plus I won the league, that’s got to count for something, right? – Cheese

Completely dominant, yet somehow more verbose – Grogg

Outstanding Hitter Award

Jonas van Claveren (Phoenix):

Toss up between Umaba and JVC, but JVC will singlehandedly prevent Phoenix from being relegated – Chros

JVC was signed for $27,000,001. That extra $1 was a nice touch, Michael. – Davey

among 4 good candidates, he excelled defensively at a difficult position – Grogg

Kanko Umaba (Hollywood):

Led league in HR, R, RBI, wRC, top 5 in just about every relevant stat including best bat flips of 2038. – Cheese

Ruud van Inveled (Las Vegas):

Ruud gets the pick becausae he is a Flamingo and he was the best player. Just being honest. – JJ

Jorge Herrera (Thunder Bay):

Top 5 in many categories and Tops in a few key ones. – Tyler

Outstanding Pitcher Award

Jesus Vidro (Thunder Bay):

Pitching triple crown winner, easy choice. – Cheese

I don’t know – Chros

One day we’ll get a tell-all book about the David Smith trade, and it will be glorious. – Davey

By any measure he was the best pitcher in the league – Grogg

Vidro led the league in most categories. Hopefully Thunderscooter can lock him down – JJ

Best ERA and most WAR Points has to earn you something. – Tyler

Newcomer of the Year

Esteban Leon (Las Vegas):

Easy pick for the Gold Glove, >11 ZR and put up a very respectable 2.84 WAR while hitting 14 HR. – Cheese

Premium bat at a premium position – Chros

see 3L rookie comments – Grogg

I know he is a rookie, he was pretty good and he is mine… Might be a theme – JJ

Alex Avery (DC):

Glenn Roberts was taken one spot ahead of Avery in the 2036 draft. He was released after one season in rookie ball. Montana signed him on 6/4/2037, he had one at-bat (a strikeout), and he was released on 6/5/2037. He’s currently a free agent. – Davey

Has potential to be the best 4th Rounder ever – Tyler

Reliever of the Year

Woodward Haberdash (Buffalo):

Led the SL in ERA, WAR, and FIP amongst relievers and it’s not even close. 6th overall in WAR amongst all pitchers. A vote for anyone else is stupid – Chros

Jeff Reed was taken one spot ahead of Haberdash in the 2034 draft. He has excelled in the minors (124 wRC+ in A, 122 in AA, and 121 in AAA), but has only played 33 games in the majors and spent all of last season in AAA. – Davey

These awards are balderdash if he doesn’t win. – Tyler

Yeon-Kyu Kim (Hollywood):

He walked 6 guys (8 if you include his 2 IBB) all season and led the SL with 12.38 K/9 and helping Hollywood run away with the SL. Homerism gives him the nod over Woodward Haberdash (BUF) in what is otherwise a very tight comparison. – Cheese

Jim Sison (Thunder Bay):

could have been but another, but I picked Sison – Grogg

Vaugh Chesser (Las Vegas):

One of the more underrated closers in the league. He was dominant in the SL – JJ