2038 KNORTS PL Awards: The Not Colm Goodwill Edition

By | 2020-04-13

GM of the Year

Davey (NoVa):

This sonofagun is living the dream and it’s everyone else’s nightmare. Someone tell Houston to stop trading him pitchers. – Cheese

I like Davey. I don’t know why. I should probably hate his guts for injuring Bortenschlager, but oddly I don’t really. Maybe I’m a masochist. – Chros

Completely dominant, this will be remembered for some time – Grogg

GM’s sat on their asses and and decided to spend on potential future assets, 80% of which likely wont see the majors while Davey went and swooped up a winning team. He played you like a panflute. – JJ

Amazing that he did this on the backs of many former Houston pitchers. – Tyler

Buck (Portland):

Davey can suck it. – Davey

Gold Ball

Chris Holland (NoVa):

Had the best overall pitching season, even if he did get rocked a few times in the cup. Even with that he still had the best FIP of any PL pitcher to go with his sub 3 ERA and 14 total wins. – Cheese

1st in FIP and WAR, 2nd in ERA and most importantly WINS – Chros

Jose “Flinch” Sipe was taken one spot ahead of Holland in the 2031 draft. Only 17 months later he was placed on waivers and claimed by Montana. Three months after that he was released. He’s been a pretty good reliever for Las Vegas the past two seasons. – Davey

Gary Ashley (New Orleans):

Among 3 good candidates his xFIP was lowest and K rate was highest – Grogg

This one is pretty difficult as there are a lot of different guys near the top. – Tyler

Eddie Kop (NoVa):

Part of Davey’s unquestioned genius and part of why he is a much better GM than everyone here is because he brought in Kop to Anchor his rotation and make everyone in the PL look like fools. – JJ

Gold Bat

Johan Kroening (Vancouver):

Led the league in HR, OPS, slugging, ISO, wRC, and wOBA. He also struck out 112 times. What a guy. – Cheese

Toss up with Dotson but Kroening led the league in more categories – Chros

It was close between Goodwill and Kroening, but I felt that Goodwill might be the best overall player, but Kroening is a better batter. Plus he hits more dongs, and this is not about defense..just dongs. – JJ

Dude hit over .300 and led the league in HRs. – Tyler

Billy Dotson (Portland):

Jack “Dogface” Friedlander was taken one spot ahead of Dotson in the 2028 draft. After three starts in his first season in A-ball he blew out his elbow and missed the next 10 months. He had a couple of good seasons in AA after coming back, but only pitched in 85 AAA innings before retiring only 5 seasons after being drafted. So it goes. – Davey

1st WPA, 2nd WAR, top 3 in everything – Grogg

Newcomer of the Year

Arnie Harper (Vancouver):

One of my few good predictions from preseason KNORTS – Chros

Alvin Randolph was taken one spot ahead of Harper in the 2035 draft. He already has seven injuries to his name, including a torn UCL that cost him 11 months. – Davey

see 3L rookie comments – Grogg

Seong-hyeon Yi (Portland):

Not a lot of standout rooks in the PL this year, was a tossup for me between the Pro IFA Yi and Arnie Harper (VAN). Yi struck out 9 more guys than Arnie in 60 less innings. He also only gave up 1 HR. – Cheese

Felix Castellanos (Portland):

Leads most categories for all Rookies. This seems obvious, if it weren’t for Arnie Harper. – Tyler

Reliever of the Year

Kenji Aoki (Philadelphia):

Possibly one of the most dominant seasons for a reliever in quite some time, possibly ever. It’s a real shame he’s taking off 2039 to rehab. – Cheese

Self explanatory, so good – Chros

Or vote Warble or Romero, there are plenty of good choices. This offseason you should go out and get yourself a solid closer. – Davey

Brewster Warble (NoVa):

so many shutdowns, so few meltdowns – Grogg

Just another player that Davey absolutely stole from another team in a lopsided trade. Much like the way he conned Houston in giving up Chris Holland for a bag of balls and a guy like Phil Steur who sucks. Davey really is playing 6D Chess while we all are struggling to understand checkers – JJ

Dominated in many categories and was close to the lead in others. – Tyler