TWIT Sees Things Happen and Comments For Funsies

By | 2020-05-28

Welcome back to the latest installment of This Week In Trades! Today Chros and I will read the tea leaves and make poor perfectly normal judgments of everyone’s deals. We even have a special treat, two deals made by yours truly! Please feel free to tell me how much you love hearing about Hollywood hate the deals as any feedback is better than nothing and maybe I can learn to be better from it. Anyhow, enough chit chat, we’ve got a lot of ground to cover and no one cares about this part of the article anyway!

STLRP Cullen TaylorHOLRP Seung Pak (55%)
RP Colton Moonfall (AA)

I really needed another LHP and during some other talks not to be named(totally not Alfonso, I swear) Cullen and Pak’s names came up as possible trade pieces, so we decided to put a ring on it. Pak has not performed up to his salary in Hollywood but should get a bump in pitcher friendly St. Louis. Moonfall may eventually turn into a decent MR, and Taylor gives me another lefty option who should stay under or around the cost of having kept Pak. I’m happy with it.

Eh… I guess I understand why if Cheese needed a lefty reliever as he says. Pak and Taylor are pretty close ratings wise, and Cheese is throwing in money since Taylor makes league minimum. Moonfall is ok. Mostly a lateral move for both teams with Hollywood adding a 2nd lefty to their pen

NORF Jung-Joon Yi (AAA)
SP John Nunes (AAA)
SS Juan Nevares (R)
BRKSP Markus Widner
C Leonard Tucker (R)

I go back and forth on this one. I guess it really depends on which Widner shows in in Nawlins, the one that has struggled in 2039 or the one that was worth 4.8 WAR over the last 2 seasons on Brooklyn. Yi and Nunes should give Brooklyn some immediate depth while Nevares has potential to be an impact player in the future. I do like the look of Tucker as a catching spec so this deal doesn’t seem lopsided yet, but could be very OOFDA when we look back in the future and pretend we knew exactly what was going to happen.

Interesting trade here. I’m not sure what Yi and Widner were doing in AAA in the first place. My initial reaction was that this was a nice buy low trade for both. I like Widner a lot – reminds me of Orlebar who can be a quality innings eater in the middle/back of the rotation. Yi looks like a solid player as well and can start in the 3L. I assumed the rest were throw ins – Nunes and Tucker are whatever. Then I got to Nevares, and I don’t know why he was included. I can only assume Chase’s scout isn’t a big fan of his, but I see him as a major prospect and his inclusion makes this an overpay on his end.

ACKCSP Lester Roadley (100%)MONSP John Morgan (R)

Roadley is having a decent season for a struggling team, his walks are high but no higher than usual for him. If he can keep striking people out and minimize homeruns in Panda Park he should continue to have a decent season. My scout has never been a fan of Morgan so this looks like a longshot pickup by ACKC and a good get for the Pandas if they can start turning some of these trades into Ws and get out of the basement.

Solid get here by Montana as Roadley has performed as a mid-rotation starter, and Morgan is ok but probably more of a lottery ticket. However, Roadley’s a pending FA and with his morale currently unhappy, coupled with his high greed and low loyalty, they might have trouble re-signing him. Lets hope the Pandas can convince him to stay. Overall a decent gamble without paying much.

CLECF Will Gamble (R)
2040 PORT 1st Round
SEARF Sadatake Abe

Gamble looks like a big gamble(haha me funny) of a prospect with big power potential if he can ever make contact. Abe looks to be playing at the absolute top of his game right now and this was a perfect time for Seattle to move him as I don’t think they’d ever get a better offer. The Portland 1st keeps getting passed around kind of like the Portland team this year, so this seems like a great trade for Seattle as they suffer an identity crisis in second place if they don’t plan on promoting this year.

Not sure why Seattle sold here with them currently in 2nd place. The Portland pick is nice, but I’m not a fan of Gamble and would have liked a better prospect in his place. Abe can’t hit lefties but he’ll still start most days, is putting up monster numbers vs RHP and is signed cheap. Cleveland continues to make the kind of deals that can turn them into a force soon.

DCRP Roberto Silva
MONRP Bertrand Scotton (A)

Scotton looks like a run of the mill middle relief prospect, Silva is an aging closer with a long contract remaining. Gerth gets out of paying the rest of Silva and gets a spec. Panda gets another RP. If they start having close games, maybe Silva can close them out. If things don’t improve in Montana soon though I fully expect to see all of these acquisitions heading back out the door by the end of July.

Nice deal for a top end setup guy/maybe closer. The age and length of his contract concern me a bit but Pandas have little to no payroll for the foreseeable future so it shouldn’t be too much of an issue for them.

CHSRP Binjimen Victor (AAA)
2040 CHS 3rd Round
2040 CHS 4th Round
HOLLF Scott Kerin (100%)

Kerin has refused to be reasonable while discussing a possible extension since the offseason hit, wanting approximately $150,000,000 over the next 6 years with player options. Victor looks like he can be another strong LHP out of the ‘pen if he figures out his control issues and picks are always good. I’m not excited about this but it gets me where I’m going I guess.

This seems to be selling low on a guy who had a .980 and .819 OPS the previous two seasons. He’s been off to a slow start, but I probably would have just rode it out if I was Hollywood being that they’re going to be in a heated race for the top of the PL. Umaba will shift to DH and Osterman will move to LF to upgrade defensively, but I’d much rather have Kerin’s potential big bat in the lineup. Victor will probably be a good middle relief guy, but not quite good enough for setup/closer duties.