TWIT Reviews The Day That Everyone Went Crazy And Questions Your Life Choices

By | 2020-06-04

I mean really people, myself included. What is wrong us you? The deadline is still 6 weeks out. Have some dignity. But since we you don’t have dignity we have trades instead. And man do we have trades. Seven from one day alone with former Gold Ball winners swapping leagues and the Buffalo 1st being moved a 19th time. Really tired of seeing his pick passed around like a communal bicycle Chros and I breakdown all the things. So buckle up because this is our biggest week in trades yet!

PORTRP Branlyn Jaraba
SP Eric Matson (100%)
CHSRP Govaart van Ankeren (AAA)
2040 LI 1st Round
2040 LI 2nd Round
2040 CHS 2nd Round

Portland officially is giving up on the ToC and probably shooting for demotion but in this PL climate they might screw up and win too many games. I like the moves Duck has made in Charleston in a wobbly SL field outside of Buffalo. Also we get to Matson go both ways again. <3

Ankeren sucks, so Charleston added a top of the rotation starter and a nice closer for a 1st rounder and two 2nd rounders. Seems like a fair deal for both sides, Charleston gets the most out of those picks as they make a hard push for a promotion playoff spot.

HOLSP David Buchanan (100%)MON2040 VAN 4th Round

When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.

Panda took another gamble here and didn’t really give anything of much value, so you can’t really lose with this deal. If Buchanan opens up extension talks, this could be a huge steal that would give the Pandas their best SP in years.

MISSSS D’Artagnan Rasberry (R)SEA1B Vincente Gonzales

I never saw the Rasberry appeal, so this seems like a great trade for the Mississippi Beaubirds. No idea what Tuna is doing with the Rocketmans but I guess he’s got some sort of plan maybe.

Opinions on Rasberry seem to be split, but my scout isn’t a fan of his. With that said, it was hard to get much for Gonzo when I traded him last year. Even though Gonzales has a .847 OPS as of this writing, he has hit for little power and has been a slight disappointment.

VANCF Oliver VillalvaLIOF Dan Barnes (R)
1B Zane Atkins (R)

Villalva is a big bat that should play well in HR happy Long Island. Atkins and Barnes look like similar bats to Villalva but not the same caliber of glove. This seems like a pretty good deal for both sides.

Long Island continues to buy in an attempt to avoid being relegated. He overpaid here and knows it, but Villalva adds a much needed solid bat to a pathetic offense outside of JVC.

MISSSP Shem Burkholder (A)
SP Erik Jackson (R)
STLSP Zaki Fakhiri
RP Luis Vargas

Fakhiri gives Beau a solid #2 starter for his 3L playoff run. Vargas will probably enjoy the Mississippi weather while riding the IL. I think Beau may have slipped one over on poor CrosswordScooter because Burkholder and Jackson both look like future MRs to my scout.

I thought Vargas would die before he was ever moved again lol. STL probably got as much as he could here, with Burkholder looking like a possible mid-rotation starter to me. Fair deal for both sides.

NO2040 BUF 1st RoundSTLC Aurelius Estrada
CF Dean Shamakani (AA)

I’ve been on the Shamakani train for a few seasons now, so I think that’s a good pickup for New Orleans. Estrada is a body and that pick is going to wind up 25th or so. Seems like a good get for the BooHoo.

How many more times will my pick be traded this year? Chase gets a good defensive C who can hit a little, and a nice looking young CF in Shamakani. I think he got more value than that pick will be worth, so this is a very nice deal by them

HOLSP Esteban Rodriguez(25% retained)
SP Mei Zhao (AAA)
RP Marcel Bloemhuevel (AAA)
LF Jae-seop Byeon (AA)
2040 HOL 2nd Round
STLSP Tony Alfonso

I have a problem. I have become obsessed. This was probably unnecessary but I guess we’re going to see just how ridiculous of a rotation we can build. I didn’t enjoy trading Byeon and Bloemhuevel but I believe TonyA can still pitch at his Gold Ball levels of yesteryears. Gives a phenomenal 1-2 punch with Vidro.

This is a hell of a trade to unpack. Alfonso is a 2 time gold ball winner, but has been just awful in STL. Does that change with a better defense behind him? Probably, but his FIP is still 4.67. Rodriguez has also been awful the past two years. Zhao is going to be hindered by his bad movement and control and is a future #3 at best. Bloemhuevel is a future setup guy/closer and Byeon is an absolute stud. I had a hard time deciding how to feel about this, but I lean towards hating giving up Byeon for Alfonso who has been terrible lately. He will need to be dominant like he was in the 1st half of 2038 for this to be worth it

BUFCF Conrad Overdevest (R)THB1B Derek Bangert (100%)

Bangert likes to collect checks from teams he doesn’t play for. I still think he’s a great 1B and very good hitter, not to mention a captain. My scout is not a fan of Overdevest so this looks like a steal through that lens. For ThunderScooter’s sake I hope OSA is right.

My offense blew up against Buckhead right before this trade was processed, and adding Bangert makes the lineup so much deeper. Excited to see this lineup in action as it may be one of the deepest in the league now. Scouts vary on Overdevest, but he is someone THB liked a lot since the offseason when we discussed Herrera. If he’s anything like what OSA says he is, he can be a stud.

BOSLF Wilbur Davis (100%)MON3B Cesar Enriques (AA)

Free Wilbur Davis for a long shot spec? Easy fist pump slam dunk.

Pandas on a roll here with good deals. They get Davis for a future bench player and don’t have to pay him. He’s not having a great year but they’ll try to squeeze the last bits of productivity out of him. Going to the 3L and playing in Panda Park will help.

NV2B Norm Chodorow (100%)MONRF Manuel Estrada (AAA)

I feel like this trade was Davey just looking to get rid of Chowdown. He’s been good in AAA this year but he is not a very good baseball player in typical Houston fashion.

Swapping bench players, but I like that Panda’s guy is more versatile and is a good clubhouse guy.

HOU3B Sergio VasquezMONOF Ryan McCarty (R)

Sergio returns to Montana and will likely produce about the same as last year. McCarty looks like a futre 4th/5th OF. At some point Montana will either start winning games or stop trading future assets for guys that aren’t increasing their win total, right? (Note for the reader: This is in reference to all of the recent trades, not just this one).

Vasquez adds another ok looking utility guy for the Pandas in this sign and trade