TWIT Watches New Orleans Crumble Before Our Very Eyes

By | 2021-02-04

In This Week In Trades, our expert TWITters will tweet their twoots off. And if there was ever any doubt KNORTS was questionable content filled with hot takes and bad decisions, their prediction of New Orleans to finish 3rd this season in the PL really seals the deal.

Acquiring as much good talent as possible has worked well, but it seems like there’s a lack of elite talent here doesn’t it?

Davey on New Orleans, 2042 KNORTS

Davey is both a prophet and a fool it seems, having used his words to point out the inevitable demise of this team but still voting with his heart. But that’s okay because we have a special guest this week who can help Davey redeem himself in the eyes of our reader.

That’s right folks, we’ve received a surprise visit from none other than Davey the Angel Kitty himself, joining our regular team of future fire sale aficionado Chros and guy who continues to buy and sell without leaving the 3L Tuna. We’ve snuck the singular deal from last week into this week’s extravaganza and I hope you enjoy the show as much as we have!

VAN1B Harley Stanworth (R)MON2043 PORT 5th Round

The prospect has about 5th round potential.

A 5th round pick for guy who might get 7 gap according to my scout… Sure.

I like this! I’m assuming Dave just wanted to get something for a player he was going to cut, and I see enough sparkle in that power rating that Stanworth is worth the pick. Good deal for both.

LISP Austin Cunningham (A)
RF Ed Cotton (R)
SS Jose Lopez (R)
3B Huang-Di Zhu (R)
MONDH Scott Kerin (100%)

Kerin is still useful, and LI gave up nothing for him. Makes sense for the Pandas to free up some money.

All of these prospects are meh to me. Having said that Kerin was having a great start with Mon but not going to be in the long term plans. This seems fine.

I’m not at all a fan of anyone Montana got in this deal, no one looks like even a 3L starter to my scout, certainly no one worth eating $13M in salary. Pander would have been better off waiving Kerin and having someone take his full salary.

NOSP Gary AshleyMISS2043 PORT 1st Round
CF Anthony Roosemont (A)
SP Russ T. Nayle (R)

I would have liked a bigger return for a recent Gold Ball winner, but I guess it helps that Miss took on the whole contract. Then again, I don’t feel like 22m is a lot for a recent Gold Ball winner.

So I talked about this trade in chat so sorry if you got the spoiler. From the start of the season, Mississippi is not a good team. Adding Ashley may stop Beau from going down to the 3L and that is probably his goal. I would normally flame him for this but he did not give up a ton for Ashley. So looking at things from Chases side, his team is really bad and while he did not get the same return he would have got had he held for Ashley, not holding made sense. I hate the pitcher he got but Roosemont is my sort of player.

Love it. I’m a big Ashley fan, but I think his value has taken a serious hit after that injury. I really like Roosemont as well, I think he’ll be a good player for Nawlins.

NORP Joe Khokar
PIT2043 PIT 2nd Round
RP Pat Martin (AA)
CF Shuan-yan Bu (AA)

Nice deal by Pitt, picking up one of the better closers in the game.

This trade also makes sense. Chase is dumping so he moves Khokar and gets some ok players and a decent pick. Pittsburgh is trying to make a run and playing for the now.

Seems like a fair deal. I don’t think Tyler will miss any of the pieces he gave up too much, and I don’t think tbud was going to get much more for Khokar.

NVRP Eddie KopLVPoor Life Choices

Why hasn’t this guy retired yet?

Taking on Eddie for what remains of a $400k contract, sure. He is well known and maybe the fans will watch him sit in the bullpen.

I felt bad that Kop has negative WAR and lost his all-time WAR record, so hoping that JJ can work his magic and get it back for him.

COLCF Antonio Casas (100%)
RP Horiuchi Tanaka (100%)
RP Sergio Gomez (AAA) (100%)
MON2043 MON 3rd Round
2043 MON 5th Round
2043 LI 5th Round

I don’t understand the point of this but it seems fair enough.

Casas looks like an amazing fielder who cant hit. Tanaka looks a like an ok pitcher who will walk a bunch of people. Sergio Gomez is an older AAA pitcher who will start in Montana. I hate draft picks so I don’t mind what Panda gave up.

Pander didn’t take on any salary or give up any picks of too much consequence, which is good. But these are the kinds of guys you get on waivers or sign a minor league free agents in the offseason, no?

DET1B Gah-fat Liu (15%)SEA1B Jeff Solis
SS Ben Boston (AAA)
LF Kwang-soo Deungjeong (A)
2B Mark Thomas (A)

A 20 year old future MVP should bring back much more IMO, so Seattle got a hell of a deal. The only legitimate prospect here is Deungjeong. Thomas can maybe hack it in the 3L but he wouldn’t start on a good team.

This will be forever known as the Ben Boston deal. Who would have thought he would be moved here. I was going to sign Fat during the offseason but did not bump up my offer one last time. Dmoney did not plan on keeping him so I get him at the price I wanted him but had to give up Deung and Thomas. Out of the two I really loved Deung as he fits my new park very well. He was just blocked by other players and was able to move him. I like Thomas as well as he was my first round pick a couple of years ago. He is also going to be blocked. After this year, Fat will be the 1B of our future.

I love it for Seattle. I might pay the $20M DMoney is retaining for the prospects he got in return, but that’s it. Giving up a bat with that kind of potential on top of it makes little sense to me. Maybe it was the best offer he could get at this time, but why rush it?

NOSP Kevin Nogilny
2043 PIT 2nd Round
STLSP Herb Willis (R)
2043 STL 1st Round

Good deal by both. Nogilny is a solid lefty but getting up there in age, good deal to get a 1st out of him.

I like Nogilny and I think this is a good deal by STL to add a nice arm to the rotation. NO is in dump mode so I like this for them as well.

Lol CrosswordScooter is so hard to trade with. I’m pretty sure the Nogily market was as dead as dead gets so good on tbud for getting something in return. Will certainly help St. Louis avoid relegation.

NOC Jerry Yates
RP Ted Chong
HOL2043 HOL 2nd Round
2043 HOL 3rd Round
2043 HOL 4th Round
2043 HOL 5th Round

I can only assume that Chase wanted to save the 4.8m on Yate’s buyout at the end of the year. Meanwhile picks up a few picks for him that he can sell.

Jerry Yates is a catcher who can’t catch. Mathis would frown at this. I like Chong in this deal as well. With cheese only giving up all of his picks after the 1st round and getting the 20 million to cover this year. I like this deal for cheese. UPDATE NOTE. I always like how Cheese adds his car salesman comments on a trade he does. “This is dumb enough to be dumb” I expect him to add stuff like “well your robbed us there” as he is counting the commission.

I don’t get it! Why spend $20M to get rid of Yates? Why add Yates when you don’t have a clear spot for him in the lineup? At least Chong makes sense, and at least it’s a big loud trade.