2042 3L All-Star Team – The Official Seattle Edition

By | 2021-02-16

Nothing too crazy but I was thinking last night about how we don’t have an All-Star game. I thought since I am a top GMâ„¢ (not only in humor/content, but my record speaks for itself) I should pick who I think would represent the 3L. All kidding aside, would love to have the discussion in chat about this. With 51 games into a 108 game season, it seemed like the right time.

Again it’s not crazy detailed (ed. note: when someone tells you twice something isn’t crazy, it’s crazy), each batting position would have a starter and a backup. Five starting pitchers and five relief pitchers. Each team needs to have at least one player in the All-Star game. Not surprising that Toledo and ACKC lead the way with four each. Toledo has three starters if you count Rigsby getting the nod on the hill. Nashville, Oakland, Montana, and Vancouver all have one player representing them (Nashville and Oakland both have starters).

CAnselmo BerneuToledoYasuhiko OnishiSeattle
1BJimbob GhostkeeperACKCDanny TrautmannPittsburgh
2BFa-hsien TzeBrooklynKieran HansenPanama City
3BShimei MiuraNashvilleChris PenaMontana
SSAxel RuschmeyerSeattleQuindarious MondayBrooklyn
LFPhilip ToddEcho ParkDirk HorwedelLas Vegas
CFBrook LinenToledoLewis N ClarkLas Vegas
RFJur ProkopSeattleCarsello ScrugginsPanama City
DHPhillip WhiteOaklandRafel AbastoPittsburgh
SPJohn RigsbyToledo
SPRoman PhansalkerACKC
SPHolden GruppBrooklyn
SPCraig FitzgeraldToledo
SPHong-Bin HuaVancouver
BPBungay OsimanEcho Park
BPGunner CrossPanama City
BPIndigo DiazACKC
BPBob ChristisonACKC
BPJoe KhokarPittsburgh