The Best Draft Picks of All Time

By | 2019-02-26

Grandiose title, eh?! The following are based on Davey Enterprises super secret formula, but to give a slight peak behind the curtain the following are based on WAR, with PL WAR being worth roughly twice as much as 3L WAR. At times where it makes sense to adjust the formula to fit the narrative I have done so. Due to the data funkiness of the 2015 & 2016 draft the first year I used was 2017.

1-32, Sy-ing Tah (Boston, 2028)

Only 28, Tah is well traveled. Traded by the evil northeasterners after two solid minor league seasons, he made his major league debut for Atlanta in 2030. Vegas traded for him in July 2033 and he’s currently enjoying his best season, because JJ is good at this game.

Honorable mention: Eugene Clarkston

1-31, Mark Valle (Panama City, 2027)

I loathe Mark Valle. I planned my entire 2033 pitching staff around him and he tore his rotator cuff in July. The sooner Mark Valle dies the better off this league will be.

1-30, Javier Castillo (Kingston Township, 2023)

Castillo found himself late in simulated life, putting up 9.9 WAR for Detroit/New Jersey between 2030-2032. His effectiveness has seemingly been left in the 3L, unfortunately, and at 32 he’s been moved into the bullpen.

Honorable mention: if ratings are to be believe, Joe Pruitt will be the best 30th pick in the next few years

1-29, Merlin Bassett (Oakland, 2026)

As of this writing Oakland has 10 more wins than Base Runs says they should and a 17-6 record in 1-run games. How much of that is due to Merlin Bassett? I don’t know, all of it?

Honorable mentions: Mike “$$$” Burns, Kyuchi Hori

1-28, Cordell Wilson (Richardson City, 2017)

Wilson was a big part of the best Thundercat teams. He led the PL in pitching WAR twice, going 11-5 with a 2.22 ERA in 2022 and 13-7 with a 2.26 ERA (in a league-leading 187.1 IP) in 2026. After being released by RC in April of 2031 he was signed by the Pandas, hurt his ankle the next day, and released after two months and 6.1 IP.

1-27, Bruce Wright (Gold Sox, 2017)

Wright was a big pitching prospect in the early days of USBA, and one that was traded four times before he turned 23. He ended up on Boston as part of some disgustingly good teams, but was pretty much done by age 26. Boston traded him to Brooklyn in 2026 because there’s nothing Troy liked more than a former Patriot, he had two decent seasons and then the injuries hit.

1-26, Ty Tomblin (NoVa, 2028)

Awww yeah boi! Tomblin played eight total minor league games in 2028, missing most of the year with a broken hand (two setbacks). Called up at the end of the season he went 1-25 with 1 walk, for a -0.5 WAR. Since then Tomblin has been pretty good, and when I last spoke to him on the phone he was very excited about playing in Vegas.

1-25, Gene Kirkland (Gold Sox, 2017)

From the same 2017 draft class as Wright (great job Brett!), Kirkland was a very good reliever who never has to buy his own drink in Kansas City. On May 17, 2020 he was traded by California along with John Downing, Yoriyoshi Yamamoto, and Mike Lyon to Buckhead for Eduardo Molina, Mike “$$$” Burns, Shark Herrera, Bats Benitez, and Juan Sanchez. Someone should do a blog post on that trade.

1-24, Melissa Etheridge (Portland, 2021)

Etheridge was one of the best SS in USBA from 2027-2029, racking up 9.5 WAR with NoVa and Ft. Worth. Even last year, she hit .299 with 10 homers and 30 steals for the Cattleman. Etheridge is struggling in Echo Park this year due to Jordan’s rigid views of what a ballplayer should be.

1-23, Cory Sanders (Phoenix, 2018)

On March 8, 2030 Sanders signed a two-year, $35 million contract with Toledo. Three months later he tore a labrum that would keep him out of action until the 2032 season. For a $35 million investment, the Stingers received 1.6 WAR over 9 games.

1-22, Hank Wilder (New Amsterdam, 2017)

Hank is the player most synonymous with the New Amsterdam franchise, spending his entire career (parts of 14 seasons) with the team, and no stop at Montana at the end. Already enjoying a fine career, he completely laid waste to the 3L in 2026, leading the league with 151 hits, 33 home runs, and 64 Troys.

1-21, SaQwan Hackett (New Amsterdam, 2023)

SaQwan is one of the best defensive 1B in the history of the league. He’s twice topped 9 ZR and won two Gold Gloves, and is currently fourth all-time in 1B ZR. While he’s still playing well, it’s very possible he’ll be replaced eventually by Lil Wayne Slade or Roberto Silva.

Honorable mentions: David “Mother” Hubbard, Lorenzo Fabian, Yoshihito Samurakami

1-20, Luis Pena (Nawlins, 2022)

Pena has enjoyed an amazingly consistent run in the PL, accruing 11.1 WAR in 6 seasons since being freed from Nawlins/Capital District. The prospect he was traded for, Colm Goodwill, has been worth a paltry 5 WAR and is visibly unhappy on the field.

Honorable mentions: Alfonso Zapata, Scott Kerin, Preston Witt