Today In Trade History – May 9

By | 2019-05-09

Welcome to Davey Enterprises latest feature, Today In Trade Historyâ„¢! As always, thanks to our benevolent overlord for the amazing Trade Archive.

May 9, 2015
In-game date 11/24/18

California sends:
LF Tanya Kimura
$25 million
2020 3rd round pick (LF Curt Monroe)
2020 4th round pick (1B Carl Duncan)

Richardson City sends:
1B Jose Rodriguez

There have been five 1B Jose Rodriguez’s in the history of our league, and this one was probably the best. Rodriguez hit 60 home runs in his first two seasons, and in his one full season (2018) with RC, Rodriguez slashed .294/.391/.510 and was worth 3.4 WAR in the 3L. This was the first season of an extremely impressive 10-year run by the beloved Imran, including an SL and 3L title as well as ten consecutive top 4 league finishes.

Rodriguez never had a season close to his 2018 season – his next best year was 2021, when he hit 20 home runs between the Northern Virginia Retrievers (sic) and Athletic Club KC. He only lasted 30 games with California before being shipped to Louisville as part of a massive deal for Mike Silver.

Also, holy cats $25 million!

California sends:
RP John Watson

Brooklyn sends:
$13 million

Watson spent a total of 10 game days with California (traded along with John Wilkins for Ryan Davis) before being traded for $13 million omg what was going on with finances in 2018. Watson led the PL in saves with 27 the year before (he also led the 3L in saves in 2015), and was a totally fine reliever for the rest of his career.

Ian wasn’t done on this day.

California sends:
CF Chris Gregory (to Brooklyn)
RP Larry Lee (to Louisville)

Brooklyn sends:
2020 1st round pick (to Louisville, SP Vincent Hall)

Louisville sends:
SP Sozen Raikatuji (to California)

And I quote:

Welcome to the league, Jake!

May 9, 2017
In-game date 07/31/27

Chicago Gold Sox send:
CF Alfred “Paper Boi” Miles

Montana sends:
RP Decheng Sun

Sun was a pretty good reliever, finishing with a 3.48 ERA in 548 career innings. Miles, a former 3rd round pick, got hurt a lot but made the majors with Montana in 2029 putting up a 137 wRC+ and 1.3 WAR in 24 games. He was traded to Buckhead the next year, where he was terrible. He’s somehow stuck around with Buckhead’s AAA team, the Florida Men, to this day.

Thunder Bay sends:
$12.9 million

DC sends:
SP Leslie Brooks

Growing up with a name like Leslie will make you tough. Brooks was a really good pitcher in DC, helping the team go from the 3L to the PL and leading the SL in WAR along the way (4.97 WAR in 2024). He was not good in Thunder Bay, putting up a 6.11 ERA in 53 IP in 2027 and a 4.46 ERA in 103 IP in 2028.

Brooks ended his career in Houston, where he still lives. He now mentors young men with traditionally female names at the Boy Named Leslie Center for Adolescent Males.