Ft. Worth, Mississippi Make Deal
Friday, August 4th , 2045
Trade winds have been blowing through Ft. Worth. This time, a deal has materialized between the Cattlemen and Mockingbirds. According to sources inside the organization, Ft. Worth will ship 31-year old RHP Jack Buyse to Mississippi for 22-year old minor league LHP Nicolas Cernin.

Ft. Worth will retain a portion of Buyse's remaining contract.

This year Buyse has 11 saves. In 23 relief appearances he has hurled 28 innings, fanned 37 and given up 8 walks with a 1-0 record. The Mississippi reliever has recorded a 1.61 ERA and allowed the opposition to hit .216 when he is in the game.
PL News: Trade Deadline
Friday, August 4th , 2045
Few things are more hectic and tense in baseball. The PL trading deadline is one of the more intrigue-laden events in the game. Fans love the speculation. GMs shun the drama. Players get queasy over the uncertainty. In any case, deals that will mold organizations for the foreseeable future will be made in the waning hours before today's deadline. Past this date, players can only be traded if they have cleared waivers. Normal trades are allowed again once the playoffs are over and the offseason begins.
Hay Pops 3 Out of the Park Against 84s
Thursday, August 3rd , 2045
Kolby Hay was sending souvenirs to the sun gods all game long in the 7-4 Ft. Worth Cattlemen triumph at 84s Field today.

The 27-year-old put on a show for fans, launching not one, not two, but three home runs into the stands and powering the Cattlemen past the Greenville 84s.

"One homer's good, two's great, three's out of sight," Hay told BNN reporters after the game. "I can't wait until next game. I really feel good at the plate."

The left fielder went 3-for-5, rung up 3 RBIs and scored 3 runs on his record-setting day.

Kolby Hay grounded out in the 1st, hit a solo-shot off Glenn Suggett in the 3rd, hit a solo-shot off Glenn Suggett in the 5th, hit a solo-shot off Dave Lawson in the 7th and flied out in the 9th.

Hay is hitting .242 this year with 11 home runs and 37 RBIs. He also has an OBP of .315, 25 walks and scored 36 times.
Juan Andrés Martí - BOS
2 Osvaldo Ardiles ACKC .322
2 Jae-seop Byeon STL .322
4 Philip Visscher GRE .314
5 Benedito Ahulani ACKC .312
Gah-fat Liu - SEA
2 Jae-seop Byeon STL 19
3 Mike Ríos ACKC 18
4 Benno Luby CHS 17
4 Daniel McCoy LI 17
Gah-fat Liu - SEA
2 Qing-nian Zexian STL 63
3 Mike Ríos ACKC 60
4 António Macías GRE 57
5 Philip Visscher GRE 55
2 tied with
1 Shem Burkholder LI 9
1 Virgil Dickerson SEA 9
3 Nicky Bogdan BOS 8
4 5 tied with   7
Virgil Dickerson - SEA
2 Modeste Azagba GRE 2.46
3 Greg Hodge LI 2.78
4 Claudio Gonzáles GRE 2.96
5 Jeffery Meyers PIT 3.23
Alton Westrich - ACKC
2 Gary Ashley ACKC 104
3 Shem Burkholder LI 103
4 Jesús Silva GRE 99
5 Nicky Bogdan BOS 93
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Greenville 84s 47 25 .653 -
Seattle Rocketeers 43 29 .597 4.0
Athletic Club KC 40 32 .556 7.0
St. Louis Coeur 39 33 .542 8.0
Pittsburgh Kingfishers 38 34 .528 9.0
Boston Patriots 37 35 .514 10.0
Northern Virginia Rainbow Mermaids 31 41 .431 16.0
Charleston Battery 31 41 .431 16.0
Long Island Lighthouse 31 41 .431 16.0
Ft. Worth Cattlemen 23 49 .319 24.0
YESTERDAY'S GAMES - Premier League
Away Team Home Team Result Time Winning Pitcher Losing Pitcher
Boston Northern Virginia 4-1 1:05 PM CT R.Smalls (1-2, 2.83 ERA) D.Fox (4-7, 4.89 ERA)
Charleston Athletic Club KC 1-9 1:05 PM CT R.Phansalker (4-3, 4.23 ERA) R.García (1-1, 3.38 ERA)
Ft. Worth Greenville 7-4 1:05 PM CT K.Hori (2-4, 4.59 ERA) G.Suggett (5-8, 5.47 ERA)
Long Island St. Louis 0-1 1:05 PM CT E.Blevins (2-0, 3.29 ERA) C.Rodríguez (0-5, 4.25 ERA)
Seattle Pittsburgh 6-2 1:05 PM CT V.Dickerson (9-1, 2.23 ERA) J.LaBarge (5-6, 5.68 ERA)
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