2037 NoVa Hall of Fame Ballot

By | 2019-10-28

“If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him. … We need not wait to see what others do.” – Gandhi or someone, I don’t know I’m not a historian.

Eduardo Alvarado

How ridiculous is it that Roger Maris isn’t in the Hall of Fame? He’s far and away one of the most famous baseball players of all time, let alone his time period. He held one of baseball’s most hallowed records for almost four decades, he was a two-time MVP, and he won three World Series.

Alvarado holds USBA’s single season home run record with 63 in 2015, a record that will never be broken.

Gary Bailey

Bailey also holds a record that might not be broken – three no-hitters. His first came on June 13, 2017 and his third came exactly 13 years later, which I imagine is a record for longest time between no-hitters. Aside from the no-hitters he was a pretty good pitcher, just shy of 45 career WAR. Unfortunately you could probably tell the history of USBA without him.

Don Brown

The Grim Reaper had the best two-year stretch in our league’s history ahhhh I say this same thing every year just vote him in already.

Bill Chambers

Bill Chambers was fine, outside of the position he played he’s a fringe HoFer probably – with playing for Boston being a big mark against him. But position matters, and not only was Chambers the best SS of all time, he’s BY FAR the best SS of all time.

Chester Henry

Cheeto is the epitome of Buckhead, probably more than any player for any other team. He was the league’s first number 1 pick, so he was full of hype. He had some good seasons, including a great 7 WAR season, but he was never the best. He suffered some minor injuries but nothing huge until at age 27 he fractured a bone in his shoulder. He came back the next year, only to rupture a tendon in his finger, suffer a setback, and retire. The most beautiful flowers bloom for a very short time. So Buckhead.

Todd Hines

He’s the best starting pitcher in the history of our league, and should be included on all ballots.

David Hudson

Hudson was fun but this is selfish, and this spot should probably go to Gene Kirkland. Fat Toad won the Reliever of the Year 5 times and from 2028-29 he put up 7.7 WAR as a reliever. He’s also a great reminder that if a reliever is the best player on your team you have problems.

Roy Robinson

He’s the best relief pitcher in the history of our league, and should be included on all ballots.

Marc Talamante

Brian always said that watching Marc track down flyballs was like watching the world’s greatest male stripper dance. Marc gathered a lot of balls and a lot of hearts in 14 seasons. He’s one of the two best fielders in the history of the league, so there’s also that.

Matt Webber

The best #8 pick in the history of the league.

Guys I Should Have Selected/Will Select Next Season

Bob Campbell – the most famous contract in the history of our league, played for a while and was totally fine.

Michael Greene – if he just played for Evil I probably vote him in this year, but Evil *and* Brett? I just can’t.

John Hill – hi Gerth!

Gonzalo Lopez – Maybe the second-best SS in league history?

Clay Rush – the worst fielder in league history (or close to it), and he still had 24 career WAR.

Ramiro Salazar – he was so good Dave retired his surname.

Manuel Villarreal – three-time gold glover and a career .406 OBP, he put up 40 WAR in 8 seasons, unfortunately for him before most of us were in the league.

Gene Kirkland – replace with Hudson if desired.