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The Best Picks of All-Time, Part Last

What a ride, guys. Please direct any concerns/hate mail to mingo@lasvegasflamingos.com. For what it’s worth the five best total classes, in order, are 2017, 2019, 2020, 2018, and 2026. The ’26 class will enter the top three at some point next year, and the 2027 class will enter the top five around the same time.… Read More »

The Best Draft Picks of All Time

Grandiose title, eh?! The following are based on Davey Enterprises super secret formula, but to give a slight peak behind the curtain the following are based on WAR, with PL WAR being worth roughly twice as much as 3L WAR. At times where it makes sense to adjust the formula to fit the narrative I… Read More »

2034 Season Preview

If there’s one life lesson I can pass onto you, it’s that you should never try. If there are two life lessons I can pass onto you, it’s that you should never try and it’s always easier to deconstruct something that already exists rather than inventing something new. With that, I give you my 2034… Read More »