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TWIT Takes on the 2039 Offseason

Hello and welcome to the first installment of This Week In Trades! Joining me in the studio tonight is Master of Hate and Haver of Strong Opinions Chros from the frozen north. I, Cheese, will be your host this evening as we embark on a journey through the murky depths of the 2039 offseason of… Read More »

The Honorary Scooter

The news Just came in From the Holly of Wood That a very loud GM Has made a trade of a dude The trade wasn’t very big But it is setting the mood. This may not seem Very important, I know. But it is. So I’m bothering Tell you so. A trade is quite catching,… Read More »

The USBA Re-Draft

The league office has officially announced my punishment for collusion, cheating, and generally bad behavior. In short the league has been duplicated, and I’m forced to be in a new league, alone, with Cheese. Sigh. First things first (or first thing after my whining), is a re-draft. Our two teams draft in a snake order… Read More »

The Night Before Tradesmas

Twas the night before Tradesmas and all through the league,Not a GM was trading, not even our TeeJ;The blocks were all posted neatly and with great care,In hopes that some #trade-posts would be entered up there;